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If you have been reading The London Mummy for a while (thank you by the way!) you will notice that it is NOT a place to get health, food and fitness ideas. However, over the last couple of months my eyes have been opened to some fantastic new business’s that are related to – dare I even use these two words together – healthy eating. I would be a mug not to give these a mention as they are original & delicious and I think you would be better off knowing about them…

Early Bird Snacks

A subscription based snack box that gets delivered to your desk or door. Insanely good & really well thought out snack ideas. My favourite was ‘Nuts About Ella’ which consisted of ombar dairy-free milk buttons are bursts of creamy goodness, sweetened only with coconut and vanilla. Paired with blanched hazelnuts to give a satisfying crunch and mulberries to add a naturally sweet honey-like taste.  The only problem was all 4 compartments in the snack box went down a storm and I had to tussle with the toddler for my share!

EarlyBird snacks picture

Cuckoo – The Modern Muesli

Bircher Muesli from Cuckoo consists of oats, yoghurt and fruit. The Apple & Cinamin Spice with Plum & Juicy Raisons is insane as are all their flavours. The kids will love them too. You could even try making your own or buy at Waitrose, Tesco & the Co-Op. (Add them to your next order. Add lots, they are that good!)


Piccolo Plates

Healthy, fresh children’s dishes straight to your door. How genius is that? You order, Els & Bels (yes really) make the food that day and then deliver it to your door, throughout London, for FREE.

Such a good idea for a mother who has just had another baby and needs to feed her existing sprogs, if you need to feed children at a party or quite simply, if you are over cooking for the children. I hope I don’t come across as mean, but 3 meals a day  x 3 children x 7 days = 63 plates of food and they can’t all be fish fingers!! So over it! Check out the different dishes and order NOW. Too much sunbathing to be had to prep kids meals…


Vita Coco – Mocha Coconut Water

It doesn’t sound like it should all go together, but it does and it is delicious. I have a pile in my fridge and when I need a natural boost of caffeine & chocolate, I drink this guilt free knowing that it is largely coconut water – and keeps the mid afternoon slump at bay. There are loads of tempting  flavours – perfect for the balmy weather.


Cooking Them Healthy

At pick up after school, the playground is like a food festival. Since when did children need so much food between lunch and & supper?! I usually just flick out a packet of quavers or something equally as empty.  However recently the sight of homemade wraps and the like have made me realised that perhaps it is a fantastic opportunity to get some top tucker into them whilst they are starving.

I asked the lovely Georgie over at Cooking Them Healthy, the holy grail of kids recipe’s and inspo, to share some quick & easy recipes for ‘the after school snack’ (Click on the title for the recipe)

Healthy Rice Squares


Peanut Butter Balls


Banana Bread


For lots more snack ideas,  click here

They have started doing demonstrations too, so sign up to their newsletter to be kept in the loop.

Happy munching! xx

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