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Flannel or Onesie?

Before I had kids, the thought of them actually wearing a onesie over the age of 18 month felt beyond me. Oh, but how things change when we are actually living it. We now flit between traditional nightware – flannel pjs and long nighties to the most garish items imaginable. My 7 year old is currently in a Chewbaca, 5 year old Ninja Turtle and 3 year old in Peppa Pig. Sounds delightful doesn’t it? But hey, they love them, they are warm and comfortable so are fine until they have to don their evening best when they might float downstairs in their pjs and see people who aren’t family.

It’s that time of year to get sorted. The festive ones are already out in force already, so whether you are looking for traditional attire for Christmas Eve or something more ‘relaxed’ for saturday evening pizza and dvd, these suggestions from M and S should cover everything from age 1-16.



London PJs Age 1-16 years

M and S have nailed their boys pjs this season. Thought I would start with this London scene…


Red Check Pjs 1-16

This epitomises a British Christmas. You can imagine a little excited boy putting out their stocking by the fire and running around excitedly. Sweet!


Blue Mix

These are gorgeous. Great patter too. (Paper aeroplanes)


Reindeer PJs

This is my pick of the whole lot. Love them.


2 Pack Check PJ’s

If yours are slightly too cool for school and you won’t get them in matching/flannel, these rock and you get 2 for 1.


Star Print Dressing Gown 1-16

Pretty standard and isn’t going to wow anyone but practical.


Moc Slippers

I love these. Super smart.



Paddington Onesie 1-7

I cannot wait to see Paddington 2 and if I do get around to it, one of the kiddies will be dressed up in this!


Paddington Slippers

and these…



Santa Hooded Onesie 1-16

As this goes up to a size 16, if you have a small framed man in your midst over Christmas – he could borrow this and pretend to be the big man himself. Do you think it would be convincing?





Unicorn PJs

The collar makes up for the colour.


Red Floral PJs

Very Cath Kidson. If you are staying with Grandparents this Christmas – these are the type they would love.


Robin PJs

A busy scene of lovely festive cheer. I know who will be getting these (my little Robin!)




Frill PJs

Love the yoga style elastic ankle pants on this set. Very feminine with the red pattern giving a little nod to crimbo.


Floral Embroidered Dressing Gown 

This also has an embroidered back. So elegant.


Pink Sparkly Moccasins 

Good enough to take the bins out in.  Want an adult version pronto.



Bauble Stretch PJs

So snuggly and cute. I wouldn’t mind a pair.


Snowman PJs

The applique on here is super cute. The pale colours arevery welcome at Christmas when most things are dark.


Owl Onesie 

I love the bingo wings.


Star Onesie 

Would work on both boys and girls – great if you have a mix – buy them all one!




Velvet Cat Slippers 

These look designer. If you have a little girl – snap these up quickly.


Hope this helps you get ahead of yourself.

Have a great day

Lucinda xx

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