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I have never loved having my food delivered by the supermarkets.  I love an amble around the aisles, not only for inspiration but to choose my own vegetables (I am often seen lifting the crate to get to the new ones underneath!) That way I can be assured that they are the best of the bunch and won’t go off/soft/brown the next day which can sometimes happen when they are delivered after you have ordered online.

When the ethical line grocery store Farmdrop approached me about doing a review,  I was delighted by their forage to fork ethos, which meant not only did the customer get properly fresh food, the food was picked to order so no waste and there was no middle man so the farmer was better off.

Forage to Fork

First off, we managed to wow some friends who came over for a kitchen supper. I ordered 4 sirloin steaks and fresh asparagus. The steaks were individually wrapped, so tender and ruddy delicious.



May is Asparagus season, so it seems suitable to order a couple of bunches.


After a tossup between boiling and roasting – boiling won and covered with salt and melted butter, it was actually more satisfying than going to a restaurant – which would have cost £135 instead of £35.

Even if I do say so myself, (well I can as I didn’t cook anything) the whole supper was given a massive thumbs up.

I was also given a challenge to follow a recipe – something I would never normally cook – sweet potato, coconut and tomato dahl.

The object of the exercise was to create something healthy with hidden gems (vegetables) and that the kids would like. I enlisted the help of my right hand woman Katie and she cracked on with chopping, grating and cutting.

Sweet potato

The dahl was really good and it has encouraged me to use lentils as a side instead of the usual rice or potatoes.


All the vegetables and herbs were so fresh. (We didn’t use the chilli!)


My daughter loved the tomatoes however they weren’t so enamoured about the actual dahl!

Up Close

Perhaps if we were more culinary adventurous than we are they would have attempted it but it was too different to what they are used to.

However, I am so thrilled to have discovered such an ethical and efficient service and next time I have people over for supper or don’t have time to wander the supermarket, I will be heading over to Farmdrop to impress my guests!


Farmdrop currently deliver to London, Bristol and Bath and have very kindly offered you guys a discount code! So for £10 off any orders over £50 enter londonmummyme at checkout.

Have a lovely day and thank you for reading



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