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Fabulous Art Party with The Little Art Society

I always admire the mothers who enjoy getting out the craft and completing a project beginning to end with their little ones.  Colouring pencils and a colouring book is as far as I go, much to the disappointment of 2/3 of my kids. My oldest (7) and youngest (4) love any type of craft and could happily sit all day sticking cutting, painting and sculpting. When the lovely Rachel who set up The Little Art Society offered for us to review a craft party – I jumped at the chance.

Hosted by my lovely pal Issy, we decided on sticking with just our combined 6 kids (as it feels like there are 12 when they are together!) and chose to use the outside table as it was such a beautiful sunny day.


Rachel decided on 3 activities to suit all ages. We started with badge making. Rachel has everything prepared in advance so there is no waiting around. They loved designing their badges and thought the process of making them was excellent!

Badge making

She advises The Little Art Society parties and workshops are for age 5 and upwards. However we squeezed the two 4 year old girls into the group and they really enjoyed it, despite needing a bit of extra help.  Here they are gluing on tissue paper to create a decoupage letter.


The highlight was the T Shirt printing with NEON PAINTS!!! Well it was my highlight nonetheless. She has chosen age appropriate white t-shirts and kindly laser cut some football figures at my request for the football crazy one – in the end he chose a hedgehog though!!


The children were thrilled with the results and it was lovely that they had useful, good quality and long-lasting items to take away with them. Here are 2 very proud T Shirt wearers!

Neon T Shirt

I highly recommend booking Rachel for a kids party. They will absolutely love it. Or why not get a group together in the holidays and all chip in for a craft afternoon?

Rachel can also put together bespoke parties for adults too – I like the sound of her lampshade decorating workshop – great for a mums Christmas party or a hen night!

Based in London and the home counties so everyone can have a go!

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