End of Tenancy Cleaning in A Hurry?

One of our major headaches when we rented out our house was the end of tenancy clean. I wish I had known about Nick and his Anyclean team, who I have handed over the reins to today. So if you need an end of tenancy clean – read on!

LogoSometimes, you need to leave town in a hurry. No, not because you’ve done something you shouldn’t – that’s another story – but because something’s changed in your life that requires a quick move. For example, you may have landed that great new job but so that you don’t spend most of your spare time commuting, it’s going to mean moving across to the other side of London – or to the other side of the country… or the world. Or you might finally have managed to put enough together to buy your own home so you want to move out of your rental accommodation into the new place as soon as you can. Or maybe your landlord’s selling up and the new owner of the place you’re renting wants you to move out (bad luck!).

Whatever the reason, there are times when speed is essential. However, an important part of moving out of is doing the clean-up.


If you’ve had to pay a deposit at the start of your tenancy (very common – a lot of landlords require this because there are some rotters out there renting homes, not like you) then you probably want it back again, especially if you have to move from one rented flat to another somewhere else. This means that you have to leave the house, whether furnished or unfurnished, in good condition. Even if you were lucky enough not to have to pay a deposit, it’s still just plain old good manners to clean up your mess before you leave simply because, well, how would you like to have to go into a place that’s been left in a mess?

As my mum always said, it’s nice to leave things better than you found them.


However, if you have to move out of your home, then you’ve probably already got enough on your to-do list, especially if you’ve got a family and/or pets in tow. You’ve got an entire household to pack up, transport to arrange, new schools to find and maybe even a farewell party or two to attend.


What Not to Bother About When You Move Out

Wait before you declutter.

OK, moving house is often touted as a great time to get rid of some of the junk that you’ve stuffed in the cupboards but the truth is that when you have to move in a hurry, you don’t have time to sort through all your stuff. The secret here is to get rid of obvious junk and rubbish thatyou encounter when you empty out the kitchen cupboards or whatever, but save the process of deciding whether you need something in your life or not to when you unpack at the other end.

Skip fancy cooking.

Yes, you may be a bit fan of Jamie Oliver’s 15-minute meals but these require a bit of organisation and preparation – and for you have all your kitchen equipment accessible, which might not be the case if you’ve already lobbed your blender and saucepans into the box labelled “Kitchen”. There are times when it seems that preparing and eating food just makes fresh mess to tidy up. This is one time when you’re allowed to eat most of your meals at the local Indian takeaway or to live on pizza.

Don’t pack everything!

Leave the kettle and your favourite mugs until the last moment so you can have a cuppa to restore your sanity while packing.


Places You Need to Check When Moving Out

It’s when you move out, especially in a hurry, that you suddenly realise how many odd nooks, crannies and corners there are in your home. Even if you call on a professional cleaning company to clean these odd spots, it’s still a wise idea to look inside them to see if you’ve left anything there.

Who knows – you might come across something you’d thought you’d lost.

Here’s a few places that you will probably need to check out, especially if you’re moving out from a furnished home:

· behind the sofa and behind any other large items of furniture like the fridge (this is usually the moment you discover how badly the carpets need to be cleaned)
· under the sofa cushions (not so many coins down there these days but other things still show up)
· weird storage spaces like under the house, in the roof or behind the garage
· built-in wardrobes
· in the hot water cupboard
· around the garden or outdoor spaces (there can be quite a few children’s toys in odd places like under bushes or in the flower beds)
· under the beds
· inside the oven, including in the warming drawer. Pull the warming drawer right out and look underneath it, as cake tins and pie dishes sometimes wriggle their way over the back and down
· inside the dishwasher, especially if the dishwasher is one of the fixtures. It can be all too easy to overlook a few spoons that fall down below the racks


Anyclean’s Professional Post Tenancy and Checkout Cleaning Service

Of course, if you’re really pressed for time and you want to make sure that you leave everything as you found it (if not better) so you can get your deposit back, your best bet is to call on somebody who has all the time in the world and who really knows how to get into those dark corners. This is where you can rely on end of tenancy cleaning services provided by Anyclean London. They’ve got teams of experienced professional cleaners who know the proper standards back to front, and working their way through standard checklists that meet these standards whether you are moving out of an unfurnished property or a furnished property. Even if you’re renting from a stingy tightwad Mr or Ms Fussy of the sort who’s reluctant to hand back the deposit because of little specks of fly crap on the window, evidence from the company (e.g. a receipt and a copy of the checklist) should be enough to back you up.


All of Anyclean’s work is fully insured with an added 100% satisfaction guarantee as a peace of mind. This guarantee states that if you’re not perfectly happy with how well something has been cleaned, then all you have to do is to let the office know all about it and explain why you think things should have been done better.

Anyclean will duly send the team back to do what’s needed – at no extra cost to you.

Speaking of cost, the company uses a transparent fixed pricing scheme. This means that it doesn’t matter how long the job take – you’ll get the same fixed price that you were quoted when you made the booking. Avoiding giving their customers nasty surprises, Anyclean goes a long way in making everybody happy.

If you need more than what the end of tenancy cleaning teams will do, such as window cleaning or deep cleaning for carpets, then Anyclean can help you out with this as well. In fact, if you book in for carpet cleaning and for end of tenancy cleaning at the same time, you’ll get a discount on the carpet clean!


Anyclean operates in all parts of the Greater London Metropolitan Area (inside the M25 ring) and are more than happy to provide moving out cleaning services for flats, homes, apartments and shared homes both furnished and unfurnished. In fact, if you can live in it, they can clean it!

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