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Dropless : The Eco Car Wash That Comes To You

Do you judge people by the state of their car? I was driving a friends child the other day and they actually said ‘your car is really dirty.’ I almost swerved! Where on earth did he get that from?  Having a clean car comes 3rd after house and then children (in no particular order) but when do you get yours cleaned?

  • At the supermarket? My car was actually declined last time I tried this as it was too muddy!
  • A ‘Mega Car wash’ in the back of a car park? What do you do whilst they are washing it?
  • An old school travelator car wash? Hmmm, it seems so indulgent using all that water and what are they actually using on your car.
  • Or a good old hand wash at home with a hose and a bucket? Nahhh.

This is when Dropless takes all the benefits of each of the above and brings a convenient, eco friendly car wash service to your door.


It was as easy as –

  • book online at a time to convenient to you
  • meeting your Dropless guy outside your house
  • getting on with your day
  • wait for him to return the keys when he is finished!!

My car looked and smelt wonderful.

I was thrilled.

At a time when we want everything on demand, Dropless has arrived at an excellent time for busy people.

Spotless car

So, What Is Dropless? 

Dropless is a car washing service that uses 300 liters less water than a normal car wash by using special Advanced Nano Solutions which are completely eco-friendly and non hazardous.



How Did It Begin?

Back in the summer of 2017, Mike, co-founder of Dropless, kindly lent his beloved Porsche to his wife, Bella, to head to a local music festival in style. After returning to her busy life, with a rather filthy car, Bella turned to tech to find a suitable on-demand car wash to quickly get Mikes car back to its usual showroom shine.

To no avail.

So, Dropless was born.

The pair knew immediately that due to the heightened need for convenient time-saving services and the worlds growing concern for being eco-friendly, Dropless was going to be a hit.

With that, Christian and Mike got to work and quite quickly the company was up and running!

Who Uses Dropless? 

Since week one, the company has been on a wild growth ride, supporting Mums all over London and Surrey, and now supporting the likes of Chelsea Football, Harlequins Rugby, P&G and Sony.

How Does it Work? 

Everything they need for a full days work fits inside one of their duffle bags!  This means no heavy van full of water causing extra pollution, their guys travel by car, bike, scooter, even public transport!


The guys are soon to launch their premium valet option that includes a seat shampoo, leather clean and protection, and a second nano wax coating!

The nano solution is sprayed directly onto the car, this lubricates and lifts dirt from the vehicle surface that is then removed from the car using microfibre towels.  The product also contains carnauba wax, also know as the Queen of Waxes, which gives the car a high gloss finish and layer of protection against further dirt and grime.

Helping Others at The Same Time

Partnering with WATERisLIFE to help save water and save lives.

In today’s world, over 780 million people still don’t have access to clean water and millions of litres are wasted each day at traditional car washes! Dropless donates 10% of all profits to WATERisLIFE to help build sustainable drinking wells and provide drinkable filter straws to deprived areas. Each Dropless customer is helping to make a huge difference, and we will keep you updated on all the progress you’re helping to make.

Dropless are offering you all a 25% discount if you use MUMS25 when booking online.

I highly recommend it!!

Pricing (before 25% discount) 

Outside Wash & Wax = £15
In and Out Valet = £25

Areas covered:

All SW & W1, W2, W8 and Surrey postcodes KT10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17

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