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Confidence & Resilience Courses with Role Models

Ever since Role Models arrived on the scene, I have watched them closely as they have navigated a route very few have taken before. There are thousands of tutors enabling kids to reach their IQ potential and many courses aimed at giving our children different experiences and physical skills but few teaching EQ which is at the core of this company, started 5 years ago by Hugo Shepherd.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

What we thought they were just born with (low/high eq)  is now proven that it can be taught and learnt.

A child having high emotional intelligence is a clearer indicator of ‘success’ than a high IQ.  Emotional intelligence is imperative for ‘future proofing your children’ and helping them to have the skills that boys, robots and artificial intelligence won’t be able to do.

So, what are the skills kids need?

  • Problem solving
  • Collaboration
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Resilience

and many more…

So how do children learn these skills? Through practice!

This is where Role Models enters.

My kids were invited on a  ‘Brilliant Me and My Confidence’ course for 6-8 years and ‘Resilience‘ Course for 8-11 years at Chelsea Academy on in February half term.

The first morning they met their wonderful, friendly teachers and were swept away with the rest of their group (approx 10 in each group).  The parents were given a talk on WHAT the children would be doing and learning. It was fascinating – and where most of the first part of this post was gleaned from.

With warm up games, the kids quickly bonded and were given tasks solo or as a group.

They did so much including filling a jar with all their achievements and getting into small groups to problem solve certain dilemmas.

Role Models also provides –

Partnerships with Schools 

Creative Childcare

International Courses

Residential Courses 

UK Day Courses (which is what they did)

They also recognise the need for parents to be able to implement what their children have learnt and a number of workshops you can attend or participate online.

The next parenting course is –

Parenting Resilience Workshop 28th March – Clapham

One of the most helpful aspects of the course was the court report – a detailed personalised report on your child and their progress, strengths and weaknesses and what to work on. They absolutely got them to the core!

As our children learnt about having a growth mindset, to bounce back from failure, that mistakes are ok, working together, problem solving, believing in themselves – I really belief that this has given them a wonderful foundation in a highly competitive and complex system that we are all navigating for the first time.

Any help is welcome, especially when it is so professional, well thought out and informative as Role Models.

‘When can we do it again?’ has been asked a few times, and if that isn’t a testament to how brilliant it is, I don’t know what is!

Telephone: +44 20 3637 7107


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