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How To Choose Your Next Family Car

With the kids back at school, a sense of normalcy has returned, but the to-do list just never seems to get any shorter and for most of us, buying a new car is still one big hassle. Who has the time and energy to schlep around all the car dealers on the weekend? Not only that, buying a new or second-hand car can be a really intimidating experience, particularly when you don’t know your carburetor from your car bonnet; and researching all the options before opening the pages of AutoTrader can be a real challenge.

This is where Car Sleuth comes in handy – it does all this for you!


I have interviewed Scott, the founder of Car Sleuth – to answer all the questions you might have…

How did it all begin?

After hearing too many examples of friends or colleagues who didn’t have the time to research the market and then felt pressured when finally making a purchase, I knew that I could help. Thanks to my lifelong passion for all cars and having undertaken auto mechanic courses, I have the expertise to help you find the perfect family load-lugger, the ideal city car or your dream weekend sports car!


Who have you helped?

Recently I helped a family replace their old diesel Audi with a new hybrid. They were becoming increasingly concerned about the rising costs of driving a diesel in central London but didn’t know where to begin. Thanks to my enthusiasm, they actually found the whole process to be quite fun! The hassle had been completely removed, and they were thrilled. Whoever thought that buying a car could be… fun?!?

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Another couple had deliberated over what kind of car to buy for nearly a year. They were definitely not car people! Just one week after contacting me they were driving into the sunset in a shiny new car – a model they had never previously considered – that also included getting them a great price for their 15 year old estate!

Overjoyed, they’ve been telling everyone about Car Sleuth


How does the service work?

The service works very simply.  After asking you specific questions, I’ll spend a couple of days shortlisting suitable cars by order of preference and present this list to you with my reasoning behind the choices.

In the case of a used car purchase, the shortlisted car dealerships will be vetted and the cars personally inspected by me once confirmed by you; whilst any new car dealerships will be based at a showroom conveniently located near your home or office.

I’ll organise test drives at times that are convenient for you and they’ll be undertaken with me alongside. Once a decision has been made to purchase the car, I’ll negotiate the final price for you!  I can also run through the pros and cons of the various financing options that are available, too. I actively encourage people to ask me as many questions as possible – I love cars so am always happy to talk about them!

Scott Hylton, founder of Car Sleuth

How much do you charge for your service?

Unlike other car buying services across the UK, I don’t get paid by the car dealer. This more common payment method could lead to favoritism towards one brand or dealer rather than ensuring you get the right vehicle for your needs. With this difference in mind and appreciating that it’s better for you to know our fees up front, Car Sleuth’s car buying services start from £500 depending on the price of the car, paid in two installments: a £100 deposit and the balance paid upon completion of the car purchase.  My fee will be recouped in the car price negotiation, so I’d say that this is money well spent!

What a great idea! For more information, contact Scott on tel: 07880 646 098

If your family car isn’t safe you should certainly consider upgrading to something new. If the car isn’t safe you might want to use a business to sell it.

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