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Up Close with Ruth Green

Whenever I walk down the Fulham Road, I make it a priority to pop into Indian Summer. Not only is the interior of the shop beautiful, all the items that Ruth Green buys for the shop are spot on. From new baby presents, to interiors and fashion and accessories, it is a gorgeous lifestyle destination to buy something for yourself, a present for a host or a gift for a friend.


What is your business?

I have a lifestyle boutique in Parsons Green called Indian Summer.

What’s your secret to working whilst raising a family?

Getting the best support around you that you can and accepting early on that you can’t do it all.

Ruth & family

What advice to you for people who have a business idea?

Go for it, it is the best feeling starting something yourself, working hard and seeing it grow. I think you need a plan and a lot of faith but trust in yourself and go for it!

What’s your favourite item in Indian Summer at the moment?

Our Daisy Navy Blouse. I live it in.

Daisy Blouse

What’s your fashion style?

Relaxed and comfortable, I definitely seem to have day to day uniform of skinny jeans, pretty blouse/ t shirt and cashmere jumper and the a lot of jewellery!! I have a slight obsession with hoops, necklaces and all things sparkly!


3 favourite small clothing brands

Samsoe and Samsoe
Indi and Cold
On the Rise Jumpers

Top 3 go to items in your wardrobe when you are in a rush

Ripped skinny jeans, white linen T shirt and my Rosie Indian Summer Cashmere jumper.

Rosie Jumper

3 items that make you feel a million dollars

My biggest Indian Summer Hoops, my new wooly sheepskin bag and my sparkly P448 high top trainers.

Sparkly Trainers

1 item that everyone asks where you got it from

My fur-lined parka from Berenice from a couple of years ago, it has embroidery down the arms and is very pretty.

Biggest purchase mistake ever

I bought two pairs of court shoes with thick heels when I was pregnant and they are pretty awful and have never been worn!

Best return of investment on a wardrobe item

All my jeans and boots get worn to death.

Boots or trainers

Anything by Alpe especially my Star boots in Castor at the moment.

Star Boots

Favourite fashion bloggers

The London Mummy (obvs)
The Glam Mummy
Mothers of Daughters

Interior style

Pretty eclectic, a real mix of things from the shop so quite feminine/ bohemian with quite a lot of neon in the mix too!

Interior tip

Simple base i.e. a lots of white and grey and then add the colour so if you change or mind or hate it, it’s not hard to change.


Where do you get your interior inspo from?

Love a bit of Elle Deco and Living Etc and lots of friends lovely house!

Bare faced or full face?

Somewhere in-between, not into foundation but can’t leave the house without a bit of bronzer and smudge of eye liner.

Best beauty buy on the market

Quite into my Obagi skin care at the moment also I will forever by obsessed with my 8 hour cream from Elizabeth Arden, it’s a classic.

3 items in your make up bag

Eye liner (always black), under eye concealer and bronzer all by Bobbi Brown.

Hair tip

Don’t wash it too much!


Life saving hair product

I adore anything by Kerastase especially the hair mask!

hair mask

Silver or gold jewellery?


Favourite Jewellery brand

Kirsten Ash

Kirsten Ash


Most romantic restaurant in the world?

Villa Magia in Positano.

Best hotel with kids?

Kelly’s Wexford, Ireland.


Last supper meal?

Ohhh hard one… Steak, rare with yummy red wine and anything chocolatey for pud.

Default kids supper

Gnocchi and pesto.

Hangover cure

Coffee and an almond croissant.

What you do to relax?

Wine, bath and good book

Favourite film?

True Romance


Last book you read?

The Tea Planter Wife by Dinah Jefferies

Tea Planters Wife

Favourite box set


Billions Cast

The song you pelt out in the car?

Fast Car by Tracy Chapman

A quote you try and live by


What is meant for you, won’t pass you by.


What tests your patience?

Trying to answer e-mails with screaming children pulling at my arm

3 words to describe yourself

Bubbly, Bossy, Blonde!

Services Spotlight

London Home Tutors : Finding a Niche

Balham based Mary Lonsdale bought London Home Tutors 4 years ago from a family in North London where her friend, who was also a teacher, had run it for over thirty years. She trained Mary up for 6 months and then sold her the business. It’s now Mary’s family business which she runs with the help of two local mums.

Mary Lonsdale

So Mary, what is London Home Tutors?

London Home Tutors is a family-based business, over thirty years old and has helped more than 90,000 London school children since 1982. We specialise in one to one tuition for the main academic subjects taught in UK schools and London schools’ entrance exams, particularly the 11+ and increasingly the 7+. We also provide Academic Assessments for primary aged children.

What sets you apart from other tutoring companies?

We believe the quality of our tutors sets us apart. 80% of our tutors are qualified teachers with many senior teachers, Heads of Departments and Examiners amongst our tutors. We don’t employ under graduates or graduates and all our tutors have significant teaching experience.

We think this makes a real difference to the experience your children will have, because the tutor we send you will have a toolbox full of techniques and bags of experience to help your child whatever their situation and learning style. Whether they need a confidence boost or have a block on a particular topic, are feeling unhappy at school or have additional needs and need to learn in a particular way…our experienced teachers will know where to start.

We also have lots of tutors that specialise in school entry for specific schools. So if you call us and want to prepare your child for the Highgate School exam we can send you a tutor with a track record of success for that particular school.

What is your speciality?

Our particular speciality is providing Academic Assessments to help London parents understand their child’s suitability for competitive London day schools. We know from experience how stressful planning a school entrance campaign can be, especially when both independent and state primary schools don’t always tell parents clearly where their child is relative to their peers’ attainment wise.

It is also difficult to know what their potential might be and hence choose a school where they will really thrive and be happy.

Our assessment tells parents both where their child is now and what they are capable of, two crucial pieces of information that enable parents to plan properly and reduce their stress levels enormously!

This means school visits can be tailored and any tuition minimised. The assessment includes a full 11+ practice test and a tailored assessment report with age-related, standardised scores; comparing your child with British school children of the same age.

What is your niche?

Our niche is to help families in a holistic way. Of course, parents are pleased when grades go up and exams are passed, but what parents often value more than anything else is seeing their child’s confidence return and watching them enjoy learning again. Parents often mention that one to one tuition improves their child’s focus and concentration and as a result they become much calmer about stressful situations such as exams. With the right teacher helping them, it’s amazing how many parents tell us their child’s behaviour at home and at school has been really positively affected.

Mary’s Favourites

Shop : I love our local toy shop QT Toys on Northcote Road in Battersea. I’ve spent hours in there with my kids comparing boxes of Lego and train sets…such fun! I think it’s really important to support our local shops on high streets in London as we’ve had so many lovely shops close down.

Website : When I have some free time I like to watch videos on because the subjects are so varied and fascinating and it reminds me that there are so many big unsolved problems in our world, it gives me perspective on whatever I am worrying about that day.

Restaurant : My local Italian in Clapham, Numero Uno. It always reminds me of good times with my family and lots of much needed date nights with my husband when my children were tiny. The food is scrumptious and the staff so welcoming.

Hotel: Limewood in Hampshire. It’s not too far from home in South London and is grown up heaven when you get there. Having a glass of champagne in their outdoor jacuzzi is my idea of bliss.

Holiday destination : I love the quiet north of Ibiza and particularly the area around Benirras beach where the sea is crystal clear and the bay is nestled amongst fragrant pine cliffs. I love the sunsets and the sea food!

Parenting tip : Daily reading is the most important habit you can instil in your child that will set them up for life long enjoyment, intellectual curiosity and exam success!

Family Life Services Spotlight

Bump & Baby Club : Modern Antenatal Classes in London

In my excitement of finding out I was pregnant with my first child, I eagerly booked into my local NCT class, the free hospital course and a private Antenatal class. Yes, I did 3 as I didn’t want to miss out on any potential friendships (wasn’t too worried about the information!)

Anyway, if Bump & Baby Club had been around in 2010, I would have certainly just signed up with them. They are the largest independent provider of antenatal classes in London and the number one alternative to the NCT and would have ticked all the boxes in one.

Bump & Baby Class

Currently operating in 29 locations across the capital – about 4,000 people pass through their doors each year!

In addition to antenatal classes, they run hypnobirthing courses and fun pregnancy events.

Let’s find out more from Alex Kohansky, who founded Bump & Baby Club.


Why did you start Bump & Baby Club?

Becoming a parent is one of the most extraordinary and emotional times of your life, and sharing the transition with a group of people who are going through the same thing as you, at the same time, is incredibly special. I experienced it myself when my husband and I took antenatal classes during my first pregnancy.

It inspired me to set up the company and I noticed that there was a real need for unbiased, evidence-based antenatal education, that was high in quality.

There’s so much information out there and I was keen to find a way to deliver it in a way that would appeal to modern parents-to-be.


Who is it Bump & Baby Club for?

Our antenatal and hypnobirthing courses are for anyone looking for a relaxed, straightforward and unbiased preparation for parenthood.

We attract a very sociable crowd and most of our groups go on to become great friends, which we love!


What’s next for Bump & Baby Club?

We’re working on increasing the number of classes we run each year and expanding to new London locations too. One day we might expand outside of the capital, but our priority is to maintain the highest level of teaching – excellent instructors take time to find, and the search for them sets the pace of our growth. Offering ancillary services might be something we consider as well.

Where are your courses?

We’re currently in 29 fantastic areas of London – and each one has lots of character.

North of the River we’re in Fulham, Notting Hill, Queen’s Park, Hampstead / West Hampstead, Belsize Park / Primrose Hill, Kentish Town / Tufnell Park, Mill Hill, Finchley, Muswell Hill, Crouch End, Islington, Stoke Newington, Walthamstow, Hackney.

And South of the River you’ll find us in Greenwich, Blackheath, Brockley, East Dulwich, West Dulwich, Crystal Palace, Clapham, Balham, Tooting, Battersea, Earlsfield, Wimbledon, Putney, Richmond and Twickenham.


Find a venue near you…

Alex’s Favourites

Website : Babycentre

Shop : JoJo Maman Bebe

Restaurant : Dishoom (especially the calamari)

Hotel : The Pig, Brockenhurst (New Forest)

Holiday Destination : California

Parenting Tip : Trust your instincts but don’t hesitate to seek support if you feel you need it


New Brand Spotlight : Field + Frolic

Set up by gorgeous Berkshire based mum, Georgie, Field + Frolic is an online shop and blog. The blog consists of articles categorised into style, travel, food and home, based upon her own discoveries and recommendations. (Thrilled to see the red swimming costume from Next made her May cut!!)


Georgie’s shop sells items from her collaborations with various small brands. It is a magpie’s heaven as not only does Georgie share a love of metallics and pink – she also has an eye for what’s slightly different, and each collaboration has enabled her to put her own twist on it.

Here are my top picks from her shop and she has very kindly offered 20% to The London Mummy readers!

Use TLM20 at checkout.

Lime ‘n Soda ‘Magic Rainbow’ Key Ring £59.95

It’s all about rainbows this summer in case you hadn’t noticed, so give a little nod to a very big trend with these unusual key ring.

I would add it to my bag as it’s too cute to be kept hidden!

Rainbow Key Ring


Striped Giraffe Neon Pink Hibiscus Sweatshirt £35

I love the shape of these slim fitting sweatshirts. As you can see in the first photo, they are very wearable with a gorgeous pop of colour (the Hibiscus is Field + Frolic logo – subtle eh?)

Neon Pink Sweatshirt

Willow Cashmere 100% Cashmere Chunky Knit Colour Block Wrap £199

How many times in the last fortnight have you dashed out the door in nothing less than a flimsy top or dress, only to be absolutely stung by a chill once the sun has gone down. I won’t be making that mistake again and think this cashmere wrap is just the ticket.

Willow Cashmere

Gift Pop Cow Hide Belt £35

A belt for all seasons with a suitable amount of embellishment on it. Love the studs and as it is cowhide, it’s durable and will last forever.


Cowhide Belt

Field + Frolic Luxury Scented Diffuser £45

The smell of this diffuser is heaven, very floral, not sickly and the best thing is – it lasts a very long time unlike usual diffusers.

Field + Frolic Diffuser

Georgie plans to add new lines with other brands too, so once these are gone they are gone!

Have a lovely day and don’t forget TLM20 at checkout

Lots of love

Lucinda x

Beauty Reviews Spotlight

Oskia London : Improve Your Skin With These Products

There is a first for everything, and I had a first this weekend that I never expected to happen – ever. Growing up, I had severe acne. From the ages of 15-17 it was horrific – I was actually pleased I was at an all girls boarding school (!) so I didn’t have to face the ‘real world’. After failing with many different medications both internally and tropically – I hit the hard stuff and was prescribed Roaccutane – twice. For those that know this drug, it is not for the fainthearted and is really the last resort. Now I have grown out of it (thank fully although I lie awake at night praying that none of my children have my ‘gene’) and when I apply my tinted moisturiser I still so pleased I don’t have to trowel it on my skin and camouflage my face with industrial cover up.

So, this weekend when someone commented that I had ‘lovely’ skin, I really was taken a back and was very British about it ‘oh no i don’t, it’s so dry, I have pock marks etc’ as I genuinely don’t think I have good skin.

But actually, when I think about and look up close, I do have pretty good skin. It is smooth, well nourished and looks well cared for.

This is only a relatively recent thing in the last few years, since I have jumped not he bandwagon of using serums and acids and what not.

And then after a chance meeting with one of Alex’s old friends in the pub, who introduced me to his brand OSKIA, after trying it, it improved even more. I love all their products for dehydrated skin


Rather than wax lyrical about how incredible this brand is, I will recall a text that my friend sent me, after she used my OSKIA.

“Wow, I love that OSKIA oil and moisturiser, my skin feels and looks amazing – thanks for the tip!”

You are welcome my friend.

And today, not only do we have an interview with the founders but they are also offering a generous 25% off with londonmummy18 if you buy through their website

What made you start OSKIA Georgie?

After trying my fathers MSM supplement (a bio available form of sulphur that he was introducing to the market to repair horse joints) my complexion glowed – no eczema or acne – and  my nails were so strong.

I started researching the effects of tropical nutrients on the skin and OSKIA launched in 2009 as the first nutritional skincare brand that focuses on bio-available nutrients.

Since then we have won over 100 awards, opened our own lab and factory in the rolling hills of Wales in Monmouth, where I come from. My amazing husband, George Gordon, runs the business with me, which luckily works very well, and we split our time between our London HQ on Sloane Street, and our factory in Wales.



I have seen OSKIA in many of the high end department stores. Who else stocks OSKIA?

We are really lucky in that we work with the best of the best and have never approached any retailer ourselves. In the UK, you can find us in stores such as SpaceNK, Selfridges, Net a Porter, and hotel spas like the famous Cliveden & Chewton Glen (both of which I have just formulated their own brand spa products for them) but we also love the independent stores and spas like Mortar & Milk and the very cool Pig Hotels.

Of the products I tried, I think your Renaissance 360 made the biggest difference to the condition of my skin.

rennaissance 360

What are your best-selling products?

Probably our Renaissance Cleansing Gel, which is a lovely pink enzyme cleanser and the first gel-to-oil on the market when it launched.

However, our Restoration Oil is also very popular as is the Renaissance Mask which is amazing before or after an event….

Renaissance Mask


Do you have celebrity endorsements?

Lots, but I’m afraid we don’t spill the beans. It drives my PR mad but I very strongly believe that skincare is private and brands shouldn’t divulge. We have a very ‘British’ approach to this, which is probably the reason why we have a very loyal celebrity base. I have a growing pile of thank you letters from the most amazing people – I am very lucky! What I can tell you though is that we also work with the British movie industry- Bridget Jones, Tomb Raider, Danish Girl, Le Mis, Star Wars. You might have spotted our products in Bridget Jones’s Baby – I nearly fell of my seat when they popped up.

What’s next for OSKIA?

We have some really lovely new launches this summer which I’m very excited about – they slightly bring out the inner girl. We’ve also just launched in the US with Barney’s, so this will take quite a lot of focus for this next year.

Georgie’s Favourites

Restaurant : The Dairy, Clapham Old Town. I can only really describe it as British seasonal tapas – and absolutely amazing.

Hotel : Any of the Firmdale hotels. Currently, I’m loving The Crosby Street Hotel in New York. I think Kit Kemp is a genius designer.

Shop : I recently discovered By Drew in Soho New York. I walked in and screeched that I would like to buy everything – the clothes, the carpets, the chairs, everything. I would like to live in it. Like most mothers I spend far too much time in Peter Jones.

Website : Tricky one as I don’t spend much time browsing websites. I do love antiques though and love That makes me sound really boring though doesn’t it!!

Holiday destination : Tulum, 20 years ago. It is still amazing though. I love bare foot chic and really don’t like the big flash hotels. I’d be very happy in a rustic cabanas with no air conditioning. Tulum is heaven.

Parenting tip :

Oh my goodness where do I start. I have 3 children, ranging from 18 months to 7, and I worked the day before Arthur, 7, was born. I think being a mother is really hard work and absolutely exhausting. Juggling work and family is harder still and I always feel guilty – either I’m not working hard enough or I’m not with my children. However, I strongly believe there is no right work/life balance and if anyone says they do they are fibbing. Instagram really doesn’t help which is why I’ve kept off it until now (I now do post!).  We are all doing a brilliant job! So my biggest tip is to do something everyday just for yourself, whether it is a walk, reading the papers in a cafe, spending 30 mins in a gallery, or having a quiet bath (that last one never works – children can sniff out a ‘family bath’ in no time and suddenly there are an extra 3 bodies in the bath.)

Do make the most of this incredible offer. The website is really easy to navigate and remember –  you are worth it – you only have one skin!


25% off all full size products.

Code londonmummy18.

T&C only.

Exclusive offer.

Can not be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Family Life Little Products Reviews Spotlight

Mini Epic : Take The Chore & Bore Out of Party Invitations

Have you noticed how each class or school send children’s party invitations? There are three different groups. Some flick the date out on whatssapp (my worst – umm hello, I have lost the date before I can say ‘another whatssapp group’), loads use an online tracking service – sorry, I do love my kids and their friends and the convenience of having it all in one spot, but I won’t be paying for a coin for each invitation thank you very much. The majority of parents, send a paper invitation home in the book bag. Yes, this is lovely for the kids and if I was more organised I would put it in my inbox and reply straight away – however often not….

None ideal.

So, when I discovered husband and wife duo (a professional animator and a media producer) who had created Mini Epic as an alternative  way of sending kids party invitations – I was very excited!




As parents of two young girls, they know the importance of getting invitations done as quickly as possible but also wanted something a little more entertaining than paper or a static image.


Party invitations rarely capture the excitement of what’s to come on the big day, so we wanted to create a new kind of invitation that’s entertaining, functional and makes the whole process of sending and managing invitations easier.


Mini-Epic is a fun and fast way to send online animated party invitations for kids’ parties.

  • You simply pick an animated template
  • Add your party details
  • Upload a photo and within 60 seconds your personalised invitation is ready to view.
  • Then you can send it by email and track your guests’ RSVPs (or download your invitation to share via WhatsApp)

And the good bit?

All for just £9.99!!!


Mini Epic


If you have a party coming up, you could try a free preview… 


I know for a fact a little girl who would love this 0ne…





An oldest son who would like this one (although he isn’t allowed a video game party quite yet!)



and a second son, who would like this invitation – he would watch it on repeat!!



And they do adult invitations so I may just be winning in the original stakes when I decide to have a party!

Jonathan’s Favourites :

Restaurant : Antipodea in Kew Gardens – their Brew Melt is a family favourite for breakfast on a lazy weekend.

Hotel : The Dorchester – there’s something special about having afternoon tea there with our daughters once a year.

Holiday Destination : New York – we have family across the pond and we always make sure we fly in to the Big Apple – so much to see and do.

Shop : Hmmmmm…very difficult to say, but I do like Reiss, my wife’s a fan of H&M and our daughters love Smiggles at the moment.

Website : Vimeo – inspiration, inspiration, inspiration!

Parenting tip : If you’re serving food at your child’s party, try individual packed paper lunch bags. Not only will each child get the same portion, but you can easily cater to any food allergies and it makes clearing up a whole lot easier too. Oh, and go for juice boxes or small bottles of water – less chance of a spillage!


Twitter : @the_mini_epic

Facebook : @TheMiniEpic

Instagram : @mini.epic

One off £9.99 includes invitation and tracking.

Services Spotlight

The Return Hub : Relaunch Your Career In Financial Services

How many friends have breezed back into a senior level role similar to what they were in before they had kids? Not many that I know of. Some by choice admittedly, however most have lost their confidence and just don’t know where to start.  Here is the good news though if you are interested in returning to financial services – I have a fantastic recommendation that will help you in your quest!

The Return Hub is a unique recruitment company. They are connecting organisations who want a better gender balance at mid and senior levels with talented professionals who have left the financial services industry but now want to return. There are hundreds of experienced and talented professionals, the majority of whom are women, looking to return to work in senior financial roles who are currently underrepresented by the existing executive search community.

The Return Hub aims to redress this imbalance and ensure employers have access to a complete and diverse talent pool that is not accessible through traditional recruiting methods.


“I worked with The Return Hub to help navigate my way back into a role in the City after taking a career break to have children. The Return Hub considered my skills and experience as a whole and with their in-depth understanding of the financial services sector matched me with quality, flexible opportunities. They were very supportive throughout the interview process and had an excellent understanding of the issues and opportunities for both parties. I valued their insight and encouragement a great deal and I would not hesitate in recommending them to others.”


Michelle, Returner

“I have found you can have your cake and eat it, as through The Return Hub I have recently returned to a high level position in finance following an extended break to have my family.”


Amy, Returner

The Return Hub was set up by Dominie Moss, a City headhunter with 20 years’ experience in the financial sector.



In 2016 HM Treasury introduced the Women in Finance Charter. There are now 162 firms signed up to this voluntary charter and the numbers are steadily growing.

Alongside the introduction of the Gender Pay Gap Regulations in 2017, there is now a clear appetite to solve gender imbalance with firms realising the wider benefits for having a diverse organisation.

The Return Hub is redesigning senior level recruitment

They assess the skills and experience they have in The Return Hub and match individuals from this pool to fit specific roles with employers. They believe that Returners should be considered for permanent and interim positions as part of a robust and fair recruitment process.

In creating The Return Hub, they are making it easy for firms to do this.

Return To Work Programmes 

The Return Hub contributed to the research that recommended employers with 250 or more employees should consider putting in place paid returner programmes or returnships with guaranteed training, advice, and support

Women and Work APPG Annual Report 2016

Keep calm


In addition to Return to Work programmes, The Return Hub has found that many of their candidates are looking for a fair route back to relaunch their careers.

For these candidates, The Return Hub offers access to senior roles with companies that are actively seeking to hire talented returners with transferable skills.

If you are looking to relaunch your career after time out – contact The Return Hub today for completely free advice, webinars, events and to be on the radar for suitable opportunities.

Dominie’s Favourites 

Website : Pinterest.  It is great for ideas when I spend most of my day looking at words and numbers. It is nice to look at pictures – it is a good creative outlet.

Restaurant : Zambura Clapham old town and Scotts in Mayfair for a special occasion

Shop : Feather and Stitch in Richmond – a lovely curated clothes boutique

Hotel : The Pig in Brockenhurst, Hampshire

Holiday destination : South West Ireland. It is a lovely break, has beautiful views and is great with kids.

Parenting Tip :  I have two young boys. Someone once told me that if you want your boys to carry on talking to you when they are teenagers; you need to make sure you really talk and listen to them when they are young. Time is always at a premium and it’s easy to be distracted, but I always try to follow this advice: keep talking and give full attention to everything they say.

Join The Return Hub

Register for their Free Return to Work Event with founder of The Return Hub, Dominie Moss and hosted by The London Institute of Banking and Finance

27th February 2018
6 – 9pm Peninsular House
36 Monument Street

Follow The Return Hub –

Family Life Spotlight

Up Close with Marina Fogle

When I was first pregnant, one of my first missions was to decide which pre natal course to do. As it wasn’t obvious which to go for, I went on 3. Yes 3… hospital, private and NCT. I was certainly keen that’s for sure, but it was purely as I hadn’t been given a good recommendation so took it upon myself to investigate. Had Marina Fogle’s antenatal ante natal classes been around back in 2010, it would have been a no brainer to go with The Bump Class.

Marina Fogle

Their Eight Week Antenatal Course are tailored to meet the needs of mothers to be who want to learn about the practical elements of pregnancy, child-birth, breastfeeding, parenting from a supportive, pragmatic and unbiased point of view. They also have a fathers evening so you don’t have to drag unwilling participants to every class – just the part that involves them.

With classes all over South & West London, you will meet other mothers who are expecting at the same time, whilst also learning about everything from labour to weaning from experts.

The Parent Hood

If you aren’t able, or the moments passed and you have had your little one, Marina and her sister (Dr) Chiara Hunt have a new podcast covering topics that will suit parents of all age children. I particularly liked the podcast when & how to discuss sex with your children.

So, let’s get Up Close with Marina and hear her recommendations.

What’s your secret to working whilst raising a family?
Being mega organised. I buy as much as possible online so I’ve got more free time to hang out with the people who really matter.

What advice to you for people who have a business idea?
Be prepared to sacrifice things to get it off the ground.

What do you work wise?
I run The Bump Class that prepares women for the birth of their children.

We’ve written a book; The Bump Class; An Expert Guide to Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond and we’ve just launched The Parent Hood, a podcast that gives expert advice on all aspects of parenting delivered by professionals.

The Bump Class

What’s your favourite aspect of your business at the moment?
The Parent Hood! I’m having such fun getting together with experts and chatting about everything from whether dummies are good or evil to who to talk to your child about terrorist attacks.

What’s your fashion style?
I try to be smart in my working life but it’s got to be practical.

3 favourite small clothing brands
Wiggy Kit for beautifully cut summer clothes that I end up wearing all year round

PB 0110 for exquisite bags that get better and better with age

Natural Gold Shoulder Bag

North Sea Clothing for knitwear that’s made for men but looks great with skinny jeans.

North Sea Clothing

3 favourite high street shops
– Zara always seems to nail it
– MiH for jeans
– I love Me+Em’s trousers which are cut beautifully


Top 3 go to items in your wardrobe when you are in a rush
– a wool midi skirt from JCrew
– simple cashmere crew neck
– a statement necklace and some boots

3 items that make you feel a million dollars
– an ancient pair of gold Louboutins that add another 3 inches to my already quite substantial height
– a traditional Austrian hat (my mother is Austrian)
– an onyx and diamond ring I inherited from my grandmother.

1 item that everyone asks where you got it from
A simple white Wiggy Kit shirt that always looks amazing

Wiggy Kit Shirt

Biggest purchase mistake ever
A second hand Chloe coat – it was a bit small. Never buy clothes that you have to lose weight to fit into.

Best return of investment
A pair of JCrew loafers that smarten up any trousers.

Boots or trainers?
Boots – trainers are for working out

3 Instagram accounts you enjoy
Dee Caffari – she’s skippering a boat in the Volvo Ocean Race, around the world. I love this little window on to her challenge.
Bert & May I love their reclaimed interiors

Bert + May

– My husband Ben Fogle. He used to be a picture editor and his eye for interesting photos from around the world I love.

Interior style

Interior tip
Good lighting is essential

Bare faced or full face?
Full face that looks like bare faced beauty!

Best beauty buy on the market
Rosehip oil – great for eczema

Rosehip Oil

3 items in your make up bag
– Shisedo foundation
– No7 eyebrow pencil
Shu Umera eyelash curlers

Shu Uemera

Hair tip
It’s easier than you think to create a bed head wave using a cheap hair tong!

Life saving hair product
Batiste Dry Shampoo


Silver or gold jewellery?

Keep fit activity
Sweat with Kayla This app has changed my body thanks for 30 minute work outs three times a week.


Best exercise that works for least amount effort

Best hotel with kids
Soneva Fushi in the Maldives. Not cheap but amazing…

Soneva Fushi

Last supper
Ramen from Bone Daddies Japanese Soul Food

Default kids supper
Every week I poach a whole chicken which gives me tender meat and delicious broth. My kids love chicken soup which I pack with whatever veg I have in the fridge and add some noodles

Hangover cure
Extra strong mints – trust me, they’re amazingly effective

Beach or pool?
Beach, every time!

Swimsuit or bikini?

What you do to relax?
Take my dog for a walk

All time favourite film
The Thomas Crown Affair

Thomas Crown Affair

Last book you read
Homo Deus

Homo Deus

Favourite box set
The Night Manager

The Night Manager

The song you pelt out on your own in the car
If my daughter’s with me, anything by Ed Sheeran

Most evocative smell
Proper homegrown garden roses

Homegrown Roses

Most bonding family game

3 favourite apps
Bubble which makes booking my favourite babysitters easy
my podcast app

3 favourite websites for passing time
I don’t really spend much time online – I prefer to listen.

Can I give you my three favourite podcasts instead? (Of course!)
The Parent Hood (obviously)
Desert Island Discs
No Such Thing As A Fish

Best tip for building Instagram following
You tell me!

A quote you try and live by
Add life to your days rather than days to your life.

What tests your patience?
Learner drivers

3 words to describe yourself
Busy, creative and happy