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The British Blow-Dry

There are two camps in life – manageable and unmanageable hair.  Even hair that looks manageable due to its silky smooth finish can be unmanageable for the ‘proprietor’ as they can’t do anything with their hair, like keep a curl in for longer than crossing the road outside the salon.  On the other hand some ladies with thick curly hair may find their hair manageable as they don’t have to wash it as much as those with finer hair.

My point is, we mustn’t judge a book by its cover and never judge someone’s hair before you know the full story!! My hair looks manageable – on a good day – as I have conditioned it, blow dried it, straightened it but little do you know that it has taken AGES and my smooth mop will disappear in a moments drizzle.

Most of the time I let my hair dry naturally. Unless you are 18 on a Bondai beach, this is not a very good idea. See below…

Au Natural

So as a consequence to letting it dry naturally – I always wear my hair up!

Credit : Rebecca Challis Photography

Credit : Rebecca Challis Photography

What a waste! Long hair and always up? Yes, I know!! But who has the time to moisturise, blow and straighten every time you wash your hair? I know I don’t!

So, when I was contacted by Edward James London to review a BRITISH blow-dry, I jumped at the chance. Wouldn’t you? (Despite not knowing what it was exactly, but I am a patriot through and through!)

‘I have heard of a Brazilian blow-dry, what is a British Blow Dry’ I hear you ask? 


If you’ve considered having a Brazilian blow dry but have been frightened by the price, potential damage and time required in the salon, this innovative technique is far gentler on hair and suits the finer hair that most British women have, without stripping it from its important natural moisture.


The formula takes 15 minutes to apply, about an hour to set under a gentle revolving heater, lasts for 6 weeks and contains no formaldehyde and promises specifically to preserve volume.



Edward and his team can tailor the treatment specifically for your hair.

For example, my hair is quite wirey so he used a slightly higher strength on than if you had fly away hair. I was pretty impressed even if I do say so myself! Here is the finished look!


He also says that it should last up to 3 months and judging how ny hair has looked after I have let it dry naturally the last two hair wash times – I reckon he is going to be right.

It feels in excellent condition, still has its natural body and not a frizzy strand in sight.


I am a complete convert and will be booking myself in for this treatment again. The whole experience was very pleasant, the ambience the salon, the attentiveness of the staff, the dreamy head massage and hand massage!

Aveda Salon

In the first few moment of meeting Edward and his team, I could see they really cared and were genuinely interested in my hair life and I felt he really got it – even the fact that I have killed the front of my hair with straightening it so much but that due to my little quiff, this was one area I wanted him to concentrate on.

Now I have found a salon that I trust, I may even try a colour. Edward suggested a subtle balayarge as he understood I wanted to keep my natural highlights.

Watch this space!!

Edward James Salon

Edward James London 

77 Putney High Street
SW15 1SR

0208 789 9639


18 Northcote Road
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0207 223 6225

Have a great day and go and book yourself an appointment, it always makes everything feel so much better!


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