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Bundle Beds : Banish Your Camping Woes

It is so exciting to introduce the founders of Bundle Beds. A friend recommended I visit their stand at Spirit of Summer, so off I went and was greeted by a very friendly James who told me the concept of Bundle Beds. The striking design and easy to store concept was what I was really impressed with, however I was eager to know more about these two young entrepreneurs…

What is a Bundle Bed? 

A Bundle Bed is a self-contained, fully-bundled bed, complete with a slim, but deceptively-comfortable self-inflating mattress, built in luxury duvet and pillow with ultra cosy sheets to provide comfort, warmth and a great night’s sleep.

This is my bed awaiting its debut use on Saturday night…


It was so easy to use (and even easier to wash after the kids played in after a wet night!)


Please introduce yourselves…

We are the founders of Bundle Beds, James Clark (32) and Lucy Bartlett (31), also known as the ‘Chief Bundlers’. We met at a dinner party in 2013 through Lucy’s husband, Ben (James and Ben were great friends at school), and shortly after decided to set up Bundle Beds. We now run the business together, and at the moment run it as a 24 hour business as James is based in London.


Lucy is based in Brunei (although heads back to the UK for events for the Summer and festive seasons).


Why did you start Bundle Beds?

We love travelling, love camping, love adventures and most of all love being surrounded by family and friends… We wanted to change the fact that the only solution for sleepovers, camping and adventures was to take a mass of bulky or uncomfortable sleeping equipment which never delivered a good night’s sleep.


Whether it’s sleeping over, camping out, ‘putting up’ guests, festival fun or overnight adventures, we created Bundle Beds to provide the ultimate sleeping alternative to a conventional bed – a roll out bed that is easy to carry, simple to use and provides a great night’s sleep.


Who are Bundle Beds idea for?

Bundle Beds are ideal for all ages. The Bundle Bed is the ultimate solution for anyone who intends on sleeping over, from kids going on sleepovers, to festival goers or someone who just needs an extra bed to house guests. Bundle Beds are the first choice option when no beds are available and in fact, some of our customers now prefer a Bundle Bed to their own bed!

Well, it has certainly revolutionised my camping life!



Lucy’s favourites :

Restaurant – The Shed, Notting Hill

Website – Sawday’s Canopy & Stars

Hotel – Mesa Stila in Central Java

Campsite – Middle Ninfa

Shop – West Elm

Holiday destination – I’ve been super lucky in the last few years to be able to travel to lots of amazing places in Asia from Brunei (where I live). I can’t choose, so top three are Sri Lanka, Nusa Lembongan and Pamilican Island, just off Bohol.

Parenting tip


Give yourself a break and don’t ever expect to get the perfect work, life balance. Unless you are superhuman, that’s not going to happen, so just work it out as you go along!


James’ favourites :

Restaurant – Le Relais De Venise

Website – AirBnB, what a great idea – the gateway to awesome travel worldwide

Hotel – The White Pearl, Ponta Mamoli, Mozambique

Campsite – Embers Bentley. Just awesome!

Shop – Selfridges

Holiday destination – The south of France in general, especially in the Var, near Cotignac and Entrecasteaux

Parenting tip –


Enjoy every precious minute!


Buy your Bundle Bed here and use thelondonmummy for a 10% discount!

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