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Amelia Bainbridge : Auree Jewellery

Having had a jewellery sabbatical for the last five years – I haven’t trusted a little tot not to pull it out of my ear or off my neck – it is time I start adorning myself with something a little bit more glamorous than a lonely hair tie.  I have just the place to start – Auree Jewellery.

 Amelia - Auree

Amelia always wanted to set up something for herself and having worked in the jewellery world for nearly 10 years, she thought it was about time to get on and do it.  She saw a niche in the market for beautiful jewellery that would travel through life with you – but that was affordable and didn’t need to be kept safe. Auree Jewellery moved very quickly initially – from business plan to launching the website and their first collection. 

She was inspired by her (highly!) spirited Grandmothers – one, a vivacious and daring traveler, the other a phenomenal multi-tasker – they both approached life with an enthusiasm and energy that influenced her from a very early age.  Both they, and many of her friends have done (and do) incredible things and she thinks that these inspiring independent women should have jewellery that lives alongside them.  

Jewellery is only as interesting as the person who wears it. It’s the personal stories and the triumphs and sadness that your jewellery will experience alongside you.  Auree is for people who love jewellery and who appreciate good quality and design.  We use a lot of fresh coloured gemstones with rich association and powers – aiding sleep, bringing happiness, promoting well being.  They have been used for protection for centuries, so if the Greeks can do it, what shouldn’t we?” 


Chennai 18ct Gold Vermeil & Gemstone Necklace – £195 (short) and £295 (long)


Eivissa Aqua Chalcedony & Gold Vermeil Earrings £95 


Walton Russian Wedding Ring – from £295 & Engraving from £20 


Westbourne Pendants – £95 each & Chain £70 


Panarea Gold & Blue Chalcedony Earrings £65

Panarea Blue Chalcedony Earrings

Amelia’s Favourite’s

Shop: Green and Stone of Chelsea Amelia has happy childhood memories of many hours browsing this Aladdin’s cave Art shop

Website: Amelia’s ‘travel guru’

Restaurant: Nuovi Sapori – New Kings Road, London

Hotel: Hotel Signum,  Aeolian Islands,  Sicily

Holiday destination: Paxos – unspoilt Greek heaven.

Parenting Tip : “Get a dog – the perfect child sitter”


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