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A Spring In My Step

Today was the first day of the Summer Term. For my son. Although cycling to school this morning, it felt like it was my first day back and I had forgotten to wear my summer uniform. Many of the mother’s sailed into school looking tanned (not from 4 days of UK sun, I can assure you that!) gorgeous and kitted out in a new Spring wardrobe.

I had to sort it out. I couldn’t do a rain dance hoping this fine weather will pass.  So, I weeded my wardrobe and made 3 piles-

  • charity
  • chuck
  • keep for next year

There is a now large whole in my wardrobe that needs filling.

So starting from the bottom up, I have decided these Silver Superga’s will add a spring in my step and I’m tempted by these little things from The White Company She never knows her luck!

Superga 2750 Cotmetu - Silver

Superga 2750 Cotmetu – Silver

Baby Superga Plimsolls - Silver

Baby Superga Plimsolls – Silver

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