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5 Ways To Buy School Uniform On a Budget

The days, weeks and months fly past faster with each year that passes. How can it we be approaching the end of the school year already? Not one to wish away the holidays – before we know it we will be scrabbling around in September trying to piece together their school uniform. Not this time. I am going to get their uniform ready for September in the next few weeks before they break up as I know once that bell rings – the days are not our own for a good 8 weeks.

So, how to do this?

1) Are their any families leaving the school who might want to flog you their uniform. Approach them.

2) Are there children in your oldest kids year that don’t have younger siblings? Ask their mum if they want to sell their old uniform to you for your younger ones.

3) Head to that second-hand sale and make sure you go with a list!

4) Book an appointment with the uniform shop and ask for a discount if you are buying a quite a bit. It’s worth trying!

5) Put a message on your local area’s Facebook page and see if anyone is selling any?

Once you have all these bits in place – get the basics like socks, underwear and vests from your trusty Marks and Spencers.

They currently have 20% off school uniform at present.

I have never thought of heading to Marks for school shoes, but after a quick peruse – you can definitely cover the basics with their selection.

Check them out…

Leather Cross Bar Shoes : Sizes 8 small to 1 £20

Leather T Bar Shoes

Ballet Shoes : 5 Small – 4 Large £10

Ballet Shoes

Riptape Trainers : £14 5 Small – 12 Small

Riptape Trainers

Astro Trainers : £16 13 Small – 7 Large

Astro Trainers

Leather Shoes : £30 13 Small to 9 Large


Don’t forget to go up a size as there trotters will no doubt grow over the holidays with all the 99ers they will eat!

Lots of love
Lucinda x

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