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Words Of Wisdom To My Children

When I was at school, my friends used to pull my leg that I was the Queen of the cliches. I always liked a good saying and could actually have a whole conversation using quotes. (You know how you can be a bit unusual when you are a teenager?) Below are a few bits of wisdom I have learnt over the years.

I am not great at most of them, but I am learning and hope to model them and pass them on to my children.


  1. Don’t feel the pressure to reply too quickly. You will shoot yourself in the foot when people expect a quick reply.
  2. Save as much money as you can before children as it is almost impossible to do once they are on the scene.
  3. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Think bigger picture. (Middle class/1st World problems etc)
  4. Practice/revise. It is so much more relaxing if you are prepared.
  5. Embrace the carnage. If you try and control it, you will give yourself a stress head.
  6. Don’t take on too much. Things always crop up at the last minute (often the best) and if you don’t – bonus, you have some time to yourself.
  7. Make plans with flexible people before your children are atleast 1 as often plans need to change.
  8. But in principle, let your yes be yes and your no be no.
  9. Don’t fret – chances are you won’t remember what you were worrying about in a month’s time, let alone when you are 80.
  10. Don’t worry what people think of you, they probably aren’t thinking about you at all.
  11. Tomato pasts suits all ages. Keep the ingredients stocked in your cupboard.
  12. It is a sin to take offense.  Don’t take things personally – they are usually not directed at you.
  13. Hurting people hurt.  When I am tired or grumpy, those I love often get the worst of me – same can be from a stranger in the street or a friend.
  14. Depth of friendship doesn’t relate to length of acquaintance, but old friends are great as they know your merits and faults already.
  15. Don’t waste time trying to make people like you, be a good friend to those who already do.
  16. Amazon is not the cheapest place to buy things!
  17. Lowering your voice actually works when it comes to disciplining. It freaks them out. (This needs major practice).
  18. Find a style that suits you and buy it in a few different colours. Know the colours that suit you!
  19. Have a make up lesson. It will stand you in good stead for a long time. Don’t follow any make up fashions beyond the age of 30. (There is already a backlash to contouring?)
  20. Jack of a few trades and master of some much more effective than jack of all trades, master of 1. (Unless you show an aptitude for one thing from an early age, best to try everything).
  21. Have a pedicure. People notice the state of your feet despite being the furthest from your face.  (My older brother taught me this!)
  22. Try not to answer your phone when you are with people. It is a clear sign the phone is more important than the people you are with.
  23. Don’t use technology at the table. Sounds obvious, but I have been guilty and it is so rude to the people you are with.
  24. Go through your emails once or twice a day. Grazing is bad for the brain.
  25. Share your encouraging thought for that person. Don’t be shy, it can make there week.
  26. You won’t please 100% people 100% of the time so just please those closest to you who are alongside you and will be around the longest.
  27. Always ask, it does no harm. (Think upgrades etc)
  28. Send a card.  Even a Touchnote qualifies. Phone on someone’s birthday! Text shmext (if they are a proper pal). Birthday Alarm saves my bacon remembering birthdays…
  29. Know your own mind. Don’t bend your opinions to suit the people you are with.
  30. Vulnerability begets vulnerability. If you are open about how you really are they will usually do the same which will bring you closer.
  31. Don’t expect a thank you – do it because you wanted to do it and anything else is a bonus.
  32. Live in the moment.  Don’t wait for ‘when that happens I will be happy…’
  33. If you are feeling low, do something for someone else.
  34. Go in the opposite spirit. If someone is grumpy, be happy, if someone is negative be enthusiastic etc. Works a treat.
  35. It’s not all about you!


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