18 Small Businesses To Support in 2018

Following on from the success of 17 New Businesses To Have on Your Radar in 2017, it felt appropriate to compile one for 2018. As ‘new’ is rather ambiguous, new in this post will mean new to me, which allows me to to go slightly off piste as have made some wonderful discoveries of late! One aspect they do all have in common though, is someone has slogged their guts out to getting it to where it is now – online.  So please take a minute to have a look, and even better – support a small business in this very quiet month and book or order!

Baroque Rocks 

Emma had a passion for beautiful stones and jewellery and so rather than continuing to buy more and more (!), she took herself to do an accredited gem course to actually learn about her passion. She has subsequently set up an online shop where she sells beautiful items that she has found off the beaten track. Take a look – some exquisite pieces.

Baroque Rocks

Three North Stars 

Want pjs for boys and girls that are slightly different? Three North Stars was started by mother of 3 boys, Kim North who was fed up with what was in the shops. These designs were inspired by her travels when she was younger. I love them!

Three North Stars

Plum of London

British knitwear company caters for everyone in the family using Alpaca wool.  I particularly love the classic mens jumpers as they don’t have any fancy logos or trims (all of this repels my husband!) Love the fact that Hugo the founder,  is modelling his own clothes!

Mens Knitwear

Ellie Good – A Year of Cards 

From birthdays to condolences and every event that you might need a card for in-between, Ellie’s ‘Year of Cards’ Box is an absolute must to keep on your desk. It has saved my bacon twice this year already as there is a card for every eventuality!

Ellie Good

Forage Somerset 

Started by Nicola in 2015, Forage Somerset is an online shop that sells a mixture of lifestyle products from all over the world. These slippers are one of my favourite items she sells!


Bricks and Stitches

After running a successful blog, Becky has started a little online shop on the side selling homeware and apparel. I particularly love her leather cuffs. This website is stylish mums paradise.

leather cuffs

The Alex Edit 

A collection of Alex from Wear and Where’s favourite brands.  Alex is on the money with what’s hot so if you buy from her, you know you won’t be failing in the style stakes.  I have just bought a heavily reduced Cove Knitwear jumper  and have my eye on a Premier Cru sweat.

Premier Cru

Sprout & Shed 

Wondering what to do with all your little ones old clothes that are too good to charity shop thumbnut you don’t have the time to sell them online?

This is where Sprout & Shed comes in – send your clothes to them and they will do the hard work whilst you sit back and watch the sales coming in. (You can choose to give a percentage to charity so you won’t feel so gutsy!)

It’s like an eBay for kids without the rubbish!

Pom Pom Hats


Parrot Street 

Does your little one have a passion for reading? This is for you! Parrot Street is a subscription  book club for kids aged 5-11.


Our goal is to introduce you and your child to books, authors and genres you may never have discovered. There are so many books out there, beyond the classics and the bestsellers, that we think you’ll love. And we are careful to choose books that aren’t pitched at any specific gender.


Parrot Street

Rootie & Tootie 

The home the hair tie bracelet in one.  Ruth is the UK distributor for The My Hairtie Bracelets and stocks a vast and wonderful collection. They are so useful!  I love the vibrant collection. 

Vibrant Collection

Grey Star Digital 

If you are in need of a website or perhaps it just needs a few tweaks, Sam is here to help. She can also set you up with newsletters, manage your social media and help you manage your inventory seamlessly. I don’t think there is anything she can’t do when it comes to helping a small business!

No Issue 

Want to brand the packaging you send your products out in? What about personalised tissue paper for a start? A cost affective way to make your business look more professional.

Tissue Paper

Miller & Drake 

If you are part of the hunting, shooting & fishing crowd, you will love Annabel’s chic country clothing and accessory website.  Her Fedoras are stunning and come in a bright but muted colours.

Miller & Drake

William Harvey  Personal Trainer

I met a lovely young PT at a fair before Christmas – he was buying a present for his girlfriends mother (yes, he is that nice). He is available for personal training sessions either at home, in the park or in his studio at the back of a cafe on the Fulham Road (no croissants afterwards though!!)


Bee & Bear Bakery 

Fresh Aga cooked sweet and savoury goodies made by mum of 3 Alice at her home in East Sussex. Made and shipped straight to your door the same day. Umm are we allowed to palm them off as our own?

Savoury Muffins

Petrichor London 

Handmade personalised accessories for kids.  Very sweet and would make a very special present for a little one. I have a 1 year old Godson to buy for and think this bag is very sweet and rather useful!

Big Bib

Started by a mother in Notting Hill who was sick of her children messing up their uniform when they got crafty or cooky (!), she designed and now makes these gorgeous linen bibs that you can also monogram with your child’s initials on them.

We keep these next to the kitchen table and when things get easy, out they come!

Big Bib

Stella and Dot – Tori May 

If you are on the hunt for some new accessories, head to Tori May’s curated collection of Stella & Dot items.  I love these Celestial Ear Climbers! 


Katharine Jemmett 

Katharine sees clients 1 on 1 in Surrey and Sussex and also can conduct classes all over the world via her 30 Minute Skype Clinic.

I love hearing about new business, it is at the heart of The London Mummy and one of the main reasons why I started it. I want to give small businesses a much-needed platform in this hugely competitive world of e-commerce!

Please email me if you are starting or have started and I will definitely give you a mention.

If you already have a small business and want a few ideas what to focus on in January – you may find 9 Ways To Grown Your Business in January  or What To Do Once You have Exhausted Your Network helpful.

Have a great day xx

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