What To Wear To Watch The Royal Wedding

There is nothing like a weekend of warm weather to make you realise how inadequate or outdated your wardrobe is and that you have nothing appropriate to wear. Where was my pretty light weight maxi dress to swan around the garden in? (Take ‘swanning’ lightly, I was batter most of the weekend and so probably better off in my ankle grazers!)

I don’t know what you are doing for the Royal Wedding (as in how you are watching it – I am doubtful many of my readers have been invited – although I do live in hope). One thing for sure is, it is a celebration. So whether you are watching it on the sofa whilst bribing your kids to play outside, you have a street party to attend or you have a little gathering at home, you need a frock for the occasion.

A maxi is perfect.

Demure. Respectable. On trend. Just like Meghan.

Stradivarius Striped Shirt Dress £35 

To the floor button up dresses are flying around a lot at the moment. When I first saw, I was meh however now I think I am going to try one myself. What do you think?

Striped Button Dress


Silk Fred Rose Print Dress £55

Silk Fred has some brilliantly priced Maxi dresses that are spot on trend with huge flowers or ditsy florals. This colour with large flowers works well on darker more statuesque women as it would be too over powering on a small blonde framer example.

Rose Print

Hush Tabitha Maxi Dress £95 

I absolutely love this dress although my only worry is someone else at the party may be wearing it too.

Hush Maxi

Jagger maxi in Painted Dot £55

Another Silk Fred maxi. I really love the shape of their dresses and this polka dot dress is bang on trend.

Jagger maxi


Mela London Fluted Sleeve Maxi £35 

If pale and feminine is your style, this is very pretty and if you are lucky could be mistaken for an angel.

Mela London

Very Printed Frill Maxi Dress £55 

I included this as it has been in lots of magazines this month and is BACK IN STOCK, so it must be popular which leads me to believe that is nice. I’m not sure many could carry it off though….

Very Printed Frill

Hope & Ivy at Topshop Fluted Open Dress £80

If you added a ‘0’ to the price and told me it was top end designer, I would believe you. The cut and detail (and price!) makes this dress a strong contender.

Hope & Ivy

Stories Floral Printed Wrap Dress £89

I LOVE this colour and pattern. I am all over the pink/red trend this season and this encompasses it to perfection.

Ganni Georgette Maxi Dress £200 

As my stylist pal Claire Mcnestry enlightened me last week, that Leopard print is a neutral – I am now more in love with it than before. Warm or cool skin, you can’t go wrong with a bit of animal.



Studio by Preen at Debenhams Floral Shirt Dress £200 

I first saw this dress on Cat from Does My Bum Look 40  when she went to the launch last winter of Preen at Debenhams. I liked it then and I like it now.

Studio Preen

Rixo London Wrap Silk Dress £300 

Rixo epitomizes floral maxi’s and this one is a good example of the way they use print on different parts of the dress to make a statement.

Rixo London

Ridley London Lavinia Maxi £489 

Camilla Ridley creates beautiful bespoke dresses and maxi’s is one of her strongest arms. You can see why. The prints are lovely and they can be fitted exactly to you.


Seraphina Goa London Gina Maxi Dress £185 

I have been a fan of Seraphina since it started as the colours and style other dresses, kaftans and cover ups are just spot on. Buy now and wear a special occasion and holidays.

Gina Maxi Dress


Hope you have enjoyed this post. I know I have been a little bit heavy on skirts and dresses of late.  Heading up top next week for Spring Tops!!

Enjoy the sun,

Love from

Lucinda xx