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13 Websites For Early Years Education

After a shout out on Instastories asking for educational aids and websites, I thought I would write a quick post sharing them all.  This isn’t a pretty post but I guarantee you will click on one of these websites if you have kids between the ages of 3-10!

Educate With Iona is run by … Iona and she runs workshops aimed at parents to help their kids with early years education. You can hold a specific workshop at home and Iona can host it.

Ideal for getting to grips with early years education. 

Not only does Laura at Little Learning Seeds offer tuition for kids (West Country mainly) and guidance for parents, her blog is a good one to sign up to as it includes lots of information on books, games and ideas to support learning at home.

Ideal for top tips for activities at home. 


Katie’s Classroom has online video tutorials for children in Year 4 (year 3 to 6) coming soon. She also sells National Curriculum Revision Cards from Recption to Year 6.

Ideal for kids who love learning online. 

If you think you need to develop your little ones common sense and confidence, Role Models might be helpful. They host life skills workshops!

Ideal for non teachable subjects!


If you are struggling with times tables, you have to watch the Quick Brown Fox TV Times Table series that puts time tables into famous pop songs!!! I like the 9 x table (a bit of One Direction..)

Ideal for a bit of fun maths. 


I have just been introduced to the Look Read Write Check method for spellings and it has really helped with the kids spelling as they are actually learning and thinking how to spell a word rather than parrot fashion and phonetically that can cause problems! This is the best method we have used so ask your school if they can introduce it!

Ideal for learning how to spell beyond cvc words!


Apps & Website 

Tapestry – follow your childs learning journey at school – both parents and teachers can update and follow progress.

Brightware – a good selection of early years apps.

Sumdog – maths games

Mymaths – bringing maths alive

Mathletics – support your childs maths learning at home

Teach Your Monster To Read – get your children to teach others how to read!

London’s Little Thinkers – Great website and newsletter for educational ideas activities



Please let me know in the comments below if you have any other ideas, especially Apps! xx

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