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Small Business Gift Guide : Godchildren

OK, let’s start this year with a group I didn’t touch on last year. Godchildren. Don’t you love them! But it’s one thing getting your own kids presents for Christmas, extending that to God children and it can become a headache. You don’t know what they already have, what they deserve (joke) and are they into vehicles or is it sport… (Ok you should know THAT, but you get the picture).

Really keen to champion as many small businesses in my Gift Guides as possible this Christmas so I have asked Victoria Wren, owner of the wonderful website Crafty Wrens, that specialises in crafts for kids.

Move away from the thought of pencils and a colouring book – Crafty Wrens has the most enticing products that I guarantee you may put something from her website on your Christmas list!

Take it away Victoria…

The best thing about buying for Godchildren at Christmas is that you can give them something their parents wouldn’t necessarily buy and something that you would probably have liked to have had yourself.


Best kit of all time for all ages, Boys & Girls is the Den Kit. There is a small one and large one, a pirate themed one and a girly one with a cosy blanket. They advertise it as ages 3-83 because it really is something all the family can get involved with. I gave one to my daughter last year which stays at my parents house so whenever we or the cousins go there we get it out and all 7 are entertained for the weekend.

AGES 2-7

Ages 2-7 you can’t go wrong with a Unicorn Garden, a new and improved version of the Fairy Garden. Just brilliant and only £20.

Unicorn Garden


AGE 8+

 Dragster, Stunt Buggy & Hovercraft are 3 kits which keep Dads and kids super happy on Christmas day. Something to build, play with and race! Prices £12-£22



Best starter sewing kit I have found is the Molly Rabbit which has pre-punched holes and a plastic safety needly which makes it a very achievable project for ages 6-9.

Molly Rabbit


If not into sewing I don’t think you can beat Pom Pom Galore’s Pom Pom Lights. But if you want to make your own why not try the Pom Pom Making Kit.

Pom Pom Kit

A really fun present for creative children are Pixie Dixie’s Paint your own PJs


You can never beat a good book. I love all Usborne Children’s Books which if you can buy through one of their reps at a charity fair you are not only supporting a worthy cause but helping a small business too. If your in London Daunt Books is just a haven for great ideas as the staff are constantly reviewing new releases. Two books with a twist which are two of Crafty Wren’s bestsellers are Build The Human Body and Build a T Rex.

Build the human body


I love all museum and art gallery shops. All the kits from The Science Museum are a winner – I love this Top Secret Intruder Alarm


A really good starter science kit which is educational but fun is the Stars and Planets for ages 5 + and for older kids the Neon Light Writer is something fun for their bedroom.

Neon Light Writer


A present which I have bought all my godsons which is going to amuse them and seriously annoy their parents is this horn from Five Boys Clothing for a bike or scooter which has over 25 sounds on it.


If you want to be a cool Godparent of teenage Godchildren you can’t go wrong with any of the T Shirts From Mobs. London 


If you want to keep it crafty, older kids love Make Your Own Lampshade and the Ultimate Solarbot where you build 14 Solar Powered Robots.


They always say a good present is something you want yourself. I love helping people find the right present for the right child which ends up giving them as much pleasure as it is for the lucky crafty kid to open on Chirstmas Day.

I am so inspired and can’t wait to crack on and buy now! If you want to receive all my Gift Guides, sign up here 

Happy Friday and don’t forget to keep TLM Edit in mind if you are in need of presents or just a treat for yourself!  xx


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7 Personalised Photo Gift Ideas From Photobox

Most of you are familiar with Photobox.  I use it to print my photos straight from my phone & order personalised gifts.  Yes, they have an App! I know the quality is top notch and they are reasonably priced.

Have a look to see what ordered for various Christmas presents this year and I hope it gives you some ideas. I got a bit carried away but there was so much to choose from!


Photo Jigsaw £15

I figured this stocking filler would be great to keep in the car or take on holiday. It is super light and in a neat little box. No lost pieces here.


Cushions £30

I bought this collage cushion as  a little present for our au pair. You can choose the colour border and the figuration of the photos – 1 photos or a collage like this.



Personalised Photo Blocks £15

These photo blocks are brilliant. They are so sturdy and high quality, I wish I had bought more.



3 Keyrings £6

3 keyring for £6 is a bargain. 1 for each child to put on their book bags!



Christmas Bauble £10

There is no smashing this bauble to smithereens – I know I am harping on about the quality but trust me, no string is going snap, no photo is going slide and no bauble is going to smash with this one. Bullet proof (or baby proof!) Perfect for a babies first Christmas too.



Fridge Magnet £4

I have bought a couple of these, onto keep and one of my nephew. 3 different sizes to choose from depending what layout you photo is. This is 9 x 13 perfect for a landscape shot. They also do the polaroid/ Instagram look fridge magnets too.



Movie Poster £13

The I ordered this poster, I thought it would be much smaller and didn’t expect it to be on thick photo paper – it is incredible. One of outside the boys rooms!


Quite fun aren’t they? Let’s hope the recipients think so!

This post was written in collaboration with Photobox. 

Gift Guides

29 Gift Ideas For Girls

Oh I am having such fun putting these gift guides together! Thank you for your positive feedback from my 3 previous ones, Daddy, Grandpa and Au Pair. Now for girls.

(Those of you who have been following will notice that I have removed the ‘Nanny’ bit from the latter!)

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Anyway, enough. I personally think children are the easiest to buy for and girls especially. Included are some main presents, most for little girls, a few for bigger girls (not teenage!) some stocking fillers, some classics but hopefully none just for Christmas.



The London Mummy-7

Liberty Print Hoop Decorations – Coco & Wolf £36

These are lovely wall hangings and are a change from a picture.



Assorted Dresses – Coco-Belle Clothing from £30

This is my huge secret that I am sharing with you. If you like trad, contact Sophie, give your size and she will send you what she has in stock. Bingo.




Pipity Activity Case £24.99

We have had this in the glove compartment of our car for a while. It is a dream and our first port of call when the children need distracting (before sweets, then Ipad but often it doesn’t get to it when they have their hands on a Pipity Activity Case!)





Alpaca Rabbit Hoodie – Oeuf NYC  £116.12

So indulgent, but oh so sweet. Would also make a good hand me down to a different gender!






Bebelux ‘Big Pink’ Pushchair – Bebes Boutique £240

These are the doll pushchairs and prams to end all doll push chairs and prams. Hand made in Spain, they are exquisitely made with no details forgotten.

Our daughter is a ‘doll’ girl, as in some are ‘animals’ some are dolls and some are etc (I can’t think at the moment but you get my gist) so we are going for this super duper one that should last the distance. This is one present that won’t be going to the charity shop!




Mini A Ture Skirt in Rose Dust – Four Fairies & A Princess £38.50

If your little one I lucky enough to be stormingNY with you, this is the skirt to do it in.






Princess Carriage – Wow Toys £20

As you can see this list has a large range of age and price and this is on the lower end of both spectrums, but if you have a Cinderella fan, you can’t beat WOW toys for quality and longevity.





Cashmere Winter White Poncho – Mamma & Me £75

They actually do this in adult sizes but my ‘mum’ list is overflowing, I thought I would share this beautiful item in ‘girls’. Not suitable of ra messy one, but if they are susceptible to spilling their spaghetti they also come in black, grey and navy.


Magical Fairy Garden £16

This is something I would have loved when I was little (other than the illusive Mr Frost…) What do you think? Cute?




Twister Dancing Game £31

Burn off some hyperactivity with the Twister Dance game. Will also teach them a bit of rhythm (if it can be taught!)



White Rabbit Tights – Braveling £15

Super cute selection of character tights from Braveling. I love these White Rabbit ones.




Glitter Heart Snap Hair Clips – Glammrags £5

Glammrags has hot the little girl accessory market by storm and I can see why. These clips are original and stay in. Check out their glitter hair bands too.



Home Education Bead Game – Hape £12

If you have a Hama fan, they should like these but with an educational angle thrown in.



V Tech Camera £42.59

Stop them pinching your iPhone and give them a camera instead.




Raffia Toy Storage Basket – Little Knickerbockers £44

What to do with all the stocking fillers in Christmas day? I love this raffia box that would suit hair ties, sunglasses and all the plastic jewellery they somehow accumulate.

Small Circus Toy Basket



Kids Navy/Biscuit Cashmere Sweater – Little Leggies £78

These contrast cashmere sweaters are insane. I love them. They also do adults (in slightly different and bolder colours) if you want to give a nod to the mini me trend this Christmas.




Boots – Monsoon £30

As you can see I have a penchant for sparkle and Monsoon are feeding it this season. Sparkly boots, metallic trainers – if you want to buy some eye catching footwear for your little one – head over to Monsoon.





Cut Green Grass, Bloomsbury Coat – Great British Baby Company £240

The range of traditional coats from the Great British Baby Company is extensive and they are all as beautiful as the next, If you are on the hunt for one to go to that Christmas Day Service , this is the place to go.




Elephant Lunch Box – Kidly £15

Kidly was recommended to me by a friend and I am so grateful The items are so cool and original and I defy you not find anything on their for your bambino’s!




Double Pom Pom Hat – The Bobble Hat £15

Last year it was all about the single pom pom, now it’s all about the double!





Horse Tassel Bracelet – Millie Pink £7.50

If you have a horse lover, this bracelet is a perfect stocking filler.




Baby Annabell Interactive Doll £36.99

Even before I had a daughter I had heard of Baby Annabel. It is the quintessential first doll of most young girlish the UK and they have just launched an interactive one. Feed it, take it to the loo (well not that you take it to the loo but you get my drift) this is the doll of all dolls.






Louise Misha Angora Scarf – £32

I want this for myself. Enough said.



My Dream Puppy – Little Live Pets £49

This does everything you would expect a puppy to do (apart from need a walk, make a mess and poop) and it has such a sweet little face.





What You Talking About Game £20

We love a game in our family and this looks like it would create a few laughs (and maybe keep them quiet?)




Interactive Unicorn – Baby Born £29

I went to my friends house who has 2 girls for a bit of inspo on this post and she showed me this light up unicorn that has consistently been a hit with them in her house. If it’s good enough for her, it’s good enough for me!



Hamleys Sticker Scratcherz £20

This was also on her hit list. If they like sticker, this is a bit more than just whacking them in a sticker book.




Foam Factory – Tomy £19

Might look slightly babyish but I bet your older children would also play with this foam machine in the bath too. Be generous with the bubbles and you will get some seriously good ‘ice cream’ in the bath.


Liberty Print Dolls Blanket – Coco & The Wolf £18

If the acrylic dolls blanket give you goose bumps, buy this one. Beautiful quality and a lovely print.


What are you getting your daughter/ God daughter/ niece for Christmas? Would love to hear your ideas.

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