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New Brand Spotlight : 6 Womenswear Brands I am Loving At Present

There are a few womenswear brands that I have come across recently and I wanted to share them with you.  Usually there are only one or two items I add to cart when I am surfing a website, but on the following sites, there are quite a few pieces that I could add to cart and CHECKOUT!

Paddo To Palmy 

They are an Australian brand but shop worldwide (and they are using one of the first Hush models in their new campaign in case you recognise her but can’t place her!)

La Villette Dress is so pretty and feminine, I am keep on revisiting wondering if pale pink really looks that bad on me.

La Villette

Continuing on the pale pink theme, I love this off the shoulder dress.


PK Berry 

If you aren’t familiar with PK Berry, let me introduce you.  If you want the perfect folk top, you will find it on PK Berry. Each item is intricately embroidered with interesting detail but not too over the top. Despite being flouncy they are brilliantly flattering.

I have acquired a Martha White recently and am planning it’s first outing…


I also like the look of this Chloe – I love the slightly oriental collar.



Pink City Prints

Pink City Prints are also one to watch, especially as the summer looms. I love the Nomad Prairie Long. 

Nomad Praire

These Palm Tree PJ’s are also on my wish list. Aren’t they awesome?

Palm Tree Prints

Keith Scarrott 

His shoes are ruddy cool. Check out these fuchsia espadrilles – slightly wedged too so will make your legs look slimmer!

Fuchsia Espadrilles

I know it isn’t trainer buying season, but if your thing, like me, are trainers – it would do no harm buying these beauties now!

Blue Star

The Alex Edit 

Started by one half the stylish Wear & Where girls, Alex is a curation of her favourite clothes and accessories that she has seen on her proverbial travels.

Loving her selection of Tee’s, especially this Sunset & Palm Tree pinky.

Sunsets & Palm Trees

Who says glitter is for Christmas? No way! This sequin pouch would look fab on your summer holiday!

Champagne Darling


If you have a wedding coming up (might be a little too late to get yourself kitted out for M and H’s wedding but sure you can pull something from the back of your wardrobe 😉 you need to buy one of these dresses from Libelula. Well cut and great prints.

You couldn’t fault to be asked to dance by the father of the bride in this Jessie dress

Jessie Dress

This silk velvet Treakle top would work over a waisted dress or a high-rise skirt or trousers. So glamorous. I want to get dressed up for a wedding!! (We are passed that stage and now it’s fancy dress for milestone birthdays!)

Treakle Top

I love discovering new brands!

There are so many wonderful small businesses out there. I know it is hard to remember them, but stay tuned as I am going to delve into many more over the next couple of months as pop up season is upon us!

I will also be including some menswear – we can’t leave them to their own devices too much this summer!!

If you want some more inspiration for the summer, have a read of recent fashion posts.

Have a lovely day

Love, Lucinda xx

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What To Wear To Watch The Royal Wedding

There is nothing like a weekend of warm weather to make you realise how inadequate or outdated your wardrobe is and that you have nothing appropriate to wear. Where was my pretty light weight maxi dress to swan around the garden in? (Take ‘swanning’ lightly, I was batter most of the weekend and so probably better off in my ankle grazers!)

I don’t know what you are doing for the Royal Wedding (as in how you are watching it – I am doubtful many of my readers have been invited – although I do live in hope). One thing for sure is, it is a celebration. So whether you are watching it on the sofa whilst bribing your kids to play outside, you have a street party to attend or you have a little gathering at home, you need a frock for the occasion.

A maxi is perfect.

Demure. Respectable. On trend. Just like Meghan.

Stradivarius Striped Shirt Dress £35 

To the floor button up dresses are flying around a lot at the moment. When I first saw, I was meh however now I think I am going to try one myself. What do you think?

Striped Button Dress


Silk Fred Rose Print Dress £55

Silk Fred has some brilliantly priced Maxi dresses that are spot on trend with huge flowers or ditsy florals. This colour with large flowers works well on darker more statuesque women as it would be too over powering on a small blonde framer example.

Rose Print

Hush Tabitha Maxi Dress £95 

I absolutely love this dress although my only worry is someone else at the party may be wearing it too.

Hush Maxi

Jagger maxi in Painted Dot £55

Another Silk Fred maxi. I really love the shape of their dresses and this polka dot dress is bang on trend.

Jagger maxi


Mela London Fluted Sleeve Maxi £35 

If pale and feminine is your style, this is very pretty and if you are lucky could be mistaken for an angel.

Mela London

Very Printed Frill Maxi Dress £55 

I included this as it has been in lots of magazines this month and is BACK IN STOCK, so it must be popular which leads me to believe that is nice. I’m not sure many could carry it off though….

Very Printed Frill

Hope & Ivy at Topshop Fluted Open Dress £80

If you added a ‘0’ to the price and told me it was top end designer, I would believe you. The cut and detail (and price!) makes this dress a strong contender.

Hope & Ivy

Stories Floral Printed Wrap Dress £89

I LOVE this colour and pattern. I am all over the pink/red trend this season and this encompasses it to perfection.

Ganni Georgette Maxi Dress £200 

As my stylist pal Claire Mcnestry enlightened me last week, that Leopard print is a neutral – I am now more in love with it than before. Warm or cool skin, you can’t go wrong with a bit of animal.



Studio by Preen at Debenhams Floral Shirt Dress £200 

I first saw this dress on Cat from Does My Bum Look 40  when she went to the launch last winter of Preen at Debenhams. I liked it then and I like it now.

Studio Preen

Rixo London Wrap Silk Dress £300 

Rixo epitomizes floral maxi’s and this one is a good example of the way they use print on different parts of the dress to make a statement.

Rixo London

Ridley London Lavinia Maxi £489 

Camilla Ridley creates beautiful bespoke dresses and maxi’s is one of her strongest arms. You can see why. The prints are lovely and they can be fitted exactly to you.


Seraphina Goa London Gina Maxi Dress £185 

I have been a fan of Seraphina since it started as the colours and style other dresses, kaftans and cover ups are just spot on. Buy now and wear a special occasion and holidays.

Gina Maxi Dress


Hope you have enjoyed this post. I know I have been a little bit heavy on skirts and dresses of late.  Heading up top next week for Spring Tops!!

Enjoy the sun,

Love from

Lucinda xx

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Dresses for the School Run to Sports Day

Every year, you need two new dresses.  First new dress is when the nights get darker and the invitations for the silly season clog up your letterbox (the clogging never actually happens to me – I actually think it’s a myth).

Then a summer dress. When the first sign of the sun makes you think of all those events you have on the horizon (again, said tongue in cheek).

The occasion where you have to look smarter than normal but not super smart like you do for a wedding.

Like What? 

Thinking Sports Day (not if you are intending to don your spikes and take the mums race seriously though), The Races, a Summer party or a glamorous girly lunch.

I’m also not thinking budget. Nor designer – that in-between price range that often gets overlooked.

Max Mara Assymetic Shirt Dress £300

Look at the belt on this gorgeous dress. It makes a pretty dress an absolute winner in the style stakes.

Max Mara

Biba Pom Pom Detail Maxi Dress £90

Also comes in black. Isn’t it fab – looks much more than the £90 price tag.


All Saints Adara Dress £148

Look better on than this product image – trust me. With some killer wedges and bling jewellery this is gorgeous. Just don’t have ketchup with your hotdog!

All Saints

People Tree Short Sleeve Frill Dress £99

Sleeves! The wide sleeves are not only pretty they would make your bingo wings looks smaller. Now that’s a win!

Free People


Free People Ivory Maxi Dress £168

I wish I could pull off the ethereal floaty innocent look but I can’t. If you can – this dress is for you.

Free People

Label Lab Eyelet Broderie Dress £60

Don’t consign black to the Autumn and Winter. If it suits your colouring it is a winner in the summer – ensure that it is black cotton and not synthetic – imagine those sweat patches as you get to the finishing line…

Label Lab

Marella Nessos Tile Print Maxi Shirt Dress £300

Slightly higher end (always the way when a dress is well made and has interesting detail) but worth every penny. Dress t down with flats or up with heels.

Marella Dress



Free People Plunge Neck Striped Midi Shirt Dress £90

I love the neckline of this dress and if you have warm skin, this would look incredible.

Plunge shirt dress

Great Plains Betsy Broidery Midi Dress £85

I have a penchant for white dresses (such a shame as I really can’t keep them white for longer than it takes me to get in the car) and this one is very elegant.

Great Plains

What do you normally wear to Sports Day? Last year I ditched the dress as I actually waed to be part of the a Space Hopper relay (yes, really) but our new school is apparently a proper race so stilettos hear I come!

Lots of love
Lucinda xx

PS. I am having a flash sale over on TLM Edit if you want to grab a summer bargain for £10! x



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After Midi Skirts Come Maxi Skirts

Despite Thursdays midi skirt post being rather popular (the denim and polka dot skirts in particular) there has been a little cry of – but I don’t suit mid length skirts – what about maxi’s? Don’t worry – I hear you! If you are on the taller end of the height chart – Maxi’s are for you. They also work a treat disguising particularly wide calves.

What Do You Wear With Them? 

  • If you are going floaty maxi (the only type of maxi surely?) keep your top half fitted.
  • A tucked in T Shirt.
  • A tank.
  • Not a blouse or shirt!!!
  • If the skirt is patterned keep it plain, please!



I stumbled across a lot of maxi’s yesterday and so here are my favourites.

First of all I have to mention the brilliant Australian blogger Constance Hall’s sideline – Like a Queen. She has invented long skirts called MumTum. Basically a REALLY wide elastic waist holds everything in.

I have a black one and have just bought this floral number for the summer.


You have to pay postage from Australia but totally worth it. True to size too (and Australian sizing is same as UK i.e. 12 is a 12)

Ok, let’s take some inspiration from the following skirts…

Wonderful Pattern 

Scott & Soda Tiered Maxi Skirt £124

This skirt screams expensive. I am sure it is the sophisticated autumn colour but it is a welcome alternative to candy colours that are blasted every wear at the moment (although in the summer, personally it has to be bright)

Scotch and Soda

Incredible Detail 

Stella Jean Maxi Skirt £475

Ok, you aren’t exactly going to buy it – but I included it for inspiration. Flat front panel and gorgeous and unusual embroidery.

Stella Jeans


Truly Feminine 

Wiggy Kit Peasant Skirt £395

I love a stripe and red and white is up there with blue and white. The buttons and the tiered panels – ooh la la.

Wiggy Kit



Statement Tiering

Gucci Tiered Yellow Skirt £2690 (yes you read that correctly – 4 figures)

I included this to see if anyone would actually click on it. I now you guys are far too savvy to buy something like this – although I do love the yellow!)


And now let’s look at some high street alternatives!!!!

French Connection Yellow Maxi Skirt £95

I told you – and it also has a pretty pattern!


Boden Colour Block Skirt £75

Red and pink together is so hot right now – and for a reason- it is a total showstopper together and if you aren’t brave enough to experiment on your top half – do it on your bottom half!


Mint Velvet at House of Fraser £89

Such a gorgeous blue and a flattering shape too.

blue skirt



La Redoute Skater Skirt £103

Pretty and easy to wear. Pick one of the many colours on this skirt for your top half (i.e. red as in picot or blue, yellow, coral or dark grey)

La redoute



Zara Jacquard Skirt £49

Arguably not a full length maxi, but too good a price point to be petty.


Zara Ecru Maxi £69.99

Zara strikes again. Just loving the waist band. So much more flattering than a slim elastic band.



Marks and Spencer Drop Waisted Maxi Skirt £39.50

Love the wide panel of this skirt. The white will go with ANYTHING including a white top. Be sure to accessorise so you don’t look like you are trying to channel an angel!


Drop Waist

Hope this has given you some ideas.  Maxi skirts work when it’s cooler too so all round they are a win win. Which one are you going for?


Big Fashion

The Skirts To Wear Before Your Legs are Summer Ready

On the school run this morning, there are the haves and the have nots. Some will don shorts at the first sign of plus 15C, not needing to do any squats or exfoliating in preparation.  Then there is the majority who will just about wear a pair of shorts at a push at the end of the summer, and that’s only to do the gardening (me!)

Obviously there is the in-between too (before I am slammed for massive generalisations)

This post is for those who want to wear a skirt but don’t feel confident YET to bare all.

So, What Is The Answer?

The Midi Skirt.

It isn’t exactly a new concept but it is really on trend this summer.



What’s So Good About It? 

  • Mid length so not too daring but not frumpy as flashes a bit of leg.
  • Can be longer the back and shorter at the front (come on – no ankles are that bad)
  • High waisted so no muffin top.
  • Patterned so you can really have some fun.



How Do You Wear Them? 

  • I am allergic to sandals. Sandals with heel and a midi skirt to me screams total middle age. Trainers (for some suggestions have a look here) or wedges, espadrilles (My Fashion Tribu has a great selection of Espadrilles – will do more later but if you can’t wait…)
  • If in doubt what to wear on your top half – go with a white T shirt. I am on the hunt for the perfect White T so will revert when I find (I have been recommended Primark and Great Plains so far…)
  • A denim jacket is super versatile. Or there are lots of pale leather jackets around at the moment. I am wearing a Zara blazer with my midi below – I don’t love the look and would have been happier in denim but I needed to look a bit smarter hence the blazer.

This is my skirt debut for this year!

The Brewery

It’s from ASOS and only £32… A real winner in my eyes (and Polka Dots are so in this summer).

Here it is up close (on a model!)

Polka dot skirt

Another skirt I have just bought is this pleated Midi skirt also from ASOS.  Thank you so much to Helen at 40plusnotgivingupyet on Instagram for the inspiration.  I love it!

Pleated Midi Skirt

Here are some others I have my eye on



River Island Green Jaquard Tie Waist Skirt £38

Green Skirt

Pitusa Peruvian Skirt £80

How cool is this skirt? And it’s on sale? Ok, it may not be the total school run skirt but dress it down and it’s a winner!


Mint Velvet Caroline Printed Maxi Skirt £89

Ok, not strictly midi but its not a full on axe either die to the split up the middle. I put this on my isntastories as I love it. See what I mean about these skirts with a denim jacket?

Caroline Mint Velvet

BA&SH Talo Embroidered Midi Skirt £155

Love the embroidered high waist panel. So useful etc etc

Embroidered Panel

8pm Asymetric Peplum Hem Skirt £121

If you reckon you can keep a white skirt clean, this is gorgeous.

Peplum skirt

Marks Frill Denim Skirt £29

I love this! In fact, I am going to buy it right now as all the size are in and I think it will be sturdy and you will be able to wheel it out on loads of occasions throughout the summer.

Marks Frill Skirt

If you have a bit of a healthier budget than the suggestions above Isabel Marant Etoile has a gorgeous range of ruffle and assymetic skirts, both midi, mini and maxi.

If you are looking for a Denim Jacket, so as pale as possible. I love the Hush one.

hush denim jacket

Hope you enjoy the sun! (The girls at Not Such a Model Mum have just done a post on the best SPF for your face which is VERY useful…)

Lots of love

Lucinda xx

Big Fashion

What The Style Set Are Wearing This Spring

Each season a look will catch my eye.  The look that keeps catching my eye on social media (aka Instagram) this Spring is jacket, skirt, sneakers and cross-body bag. I am calling it Feminine Relaxed Chic. Not sure that will cotton on but it’s pretty, quick to throw on and comfortable for racing around and if you get it right – very cool. (Yes I was born in the 80’s so cool is my default word. I understand the word to describe cool now is ‘sic’. Just isn’t going to happen. Can you imagine if I started describing things as sic?)

Start with the skirt. Nothing says Spring like a skirt and a full length or mid length is a good way to ease you into sunnier months before you have a tan.

The Skirt

Full Length Maxi Skirt 

Fun, flattering and hides a multitude of sins.

Long Skirt

I am loving this one.

Maison Di Times Embroidered Maxi Skirt £59

Love the elasticated wide waistband.

Maxi skirt

Hi Lo Skirt

This is low at the back, high at the front – perfect to cover up the back of your legs and to show off your ankles and footwear)

Hi Low

Yumi High Low Floral Skirt £45

Great with a tucked in white t-shirt.


Coast High Low Skirt £99

Mix up your fabrics and wear this organza with a cotton top and sneakers for a glamorous low key look.

Coast skirt


Metallic Creped Midi Skirt 

An easy way to wear metallic if you fancy it but feel it is too much near your face.

Pleated Midi

Yumi London Crinkled Midi Skirt £25

This rose gold skirt is a versatile colour and also comes in grey. A price that allows you to buy as an experiment!

crinkled skirt

The Top 

A plain T shirt if you have a loud skirt.

Whistles Short Sleeve Linen Tee £45

Whistles Tee


Slogan/Logo T Shirt 

I do love a slogan tee. (BTW a Logo Tee has the brand on it and a Slogan has a picture or words not branded… You probably knew that already – it has only just clicked with me!)

Rainbow T Shirt

True Religion Tee £70

Quite Gucci inspired.

True Religion

Jane Norman Sassy T Shirt £16

Simple but sassy… 😉


The Jacket 

Denim Jacket 

Jessica Alba nails this look by adding a fitted denim jacket. It not only gives a bit of structure but will also keep your warm if the temperature drops.

Jessica Alba

Oasis Denim Jacket £45

This is a good length (to hip) and quite stretchy.

Denim Jacket

Leather Jacket 

I would personally find it hard it hard to wear a leather jacket in any colour other than black, although there are a lot of cream and pale pink jackets at the moment. (Mint Velvet is a good start if that’s what you are after)

Leather Jacket

Oasis Authentic Leather Biker Jacket £168

For the style and quality – this is a steal. Loving Oasis jackets at the moment!

Leather Jacket


I am so pleased this look works with sneakers. Flats could look a bit mumsy and boots just need to be consigned to the back of your wardrobe.

Kendall & Kylie (yes Kardashian!) Flatform Trainers £169

The yellow! Platformed! Height and colour = love!


Aldo Nydoilia Trainers £70

Ok, not for everyone, but did feel they had to be brought to your attention as they are so fun!



Kurt Geiger Lace Up Trainers £99

These are classic and versatile. Not everything you wear has to be a conversation starter!



It has to be a cross-body bag! Keep your hands free to hold little hands and grab one of these.  I love these colourful ones.

Kurt Geiger Richmond Disco Bag £99

Disco Bag

Calvin Klein Saddle Crossbody Bag £110

Yellow Bag

Lulu Guinesss Lip Cross Body NOW £180

Lip Cross Body


Hope this has given you some ideas. I am looking forward to putting away some winter clothes and experimenting with this look!

Lots of love

Lucinda xx

This post was written in collaboration with House of Fraser however everything featured was chosen by me! The full length images are taken from Pinterest.

Big Fashion

How To Achieve Smart Casual In-between the Seasons

Aren’t there just Summer Sales and Boxing Day (January) sales? Now there seems to be sales dotted throughout the year, whenever the individual retailer fancies (Guilty as charged – I have a permanent ‘Special Prices‘ section on TLM Edit!). When I popped into Marks and Spencer’s yesterday, some of the items that I had bought full price last week, were now in the sale! I thought I would share some of my recent purchases that I have bought to add some versatile pieces to my wardrobe that are perfect for layering up in-between the seasons.

Here is what I wore to my Press Lunch last week.


The Satin Tunic Top Was £27 and is now £18

Nice and long so I could tuck it in and the neckline was flattering – not showing too much chest but enough.

Red Chinos £25

These are a good length and flattering although size down as they really give by the end of the day!

Wedge Espadrilles in Almond £45

I bought these as I knew my size would be pretty much sold out by the time I really needed them. A really versatile colour and you can wear with darks and lights too.

Here are the red chinos that I have teamed with a classic white shirt I was drawn to the large silver buttons down the side and on the sleeves (sorry it is out of stock now in every size but here is another alternative if you are looking for a classic shirt with a bit of interesting detail – this one with cute frill cuff)


I was also magnetically drawn to these ankle grazers and bought them in black (obviously). They are true to size and hold their shape.

ankle grazers

For a more tailored look, I would put them with a stripe Breton. This red and white one  is only £8.50 so I also bought it in the blue and white!  They would also look great with a white shirt.


If you want to smarten up an outfit instantly, a blazer works a treat. Although this is one item that will have to be put away when the sun appears it is definitely a wardrobe staple.

I think this One Button Black Tux Blazer that is in all sizes and reduced from £69 to £34 won’t be around for long!

The weather is set to pick up just in time for the Easter holidays, so whether you are sticking around or jetting off to sunnier chimes, I hope this has helped xx


Big Fashion

Colour Pop Sneakers and The New Style Socks

I’m calling time on the cold and defying the weather by putting away my winter footwear and bringing out my trainers once again. Have had a break from them as it’s been too cold to bare my ankles, but am overcoming this superficial problem by alternative between pop socks (not very sexy but my staple) and if the temperature stays the same (cold) it’s time to grab the ‘fun sock’ trend and put them on display.  There are so many about!

Here is some inspiration that I have taken from Pinterest.

Rainbow stripes are always going to lift your mood!


Topshop Rainbow Socks £3.50


The next big thing are sock tights. Don’t say I didn’t tell you!

Tight socks

Jazz Ankle Socks £6


I also love these to keep your tootsies warm.

Topshop Embroidered Star Sporty Socks £4

Green Star

ASOS Pink Glitter Flame Sock £3.50




So, thats your socks sorted, lets move on to the bread and butter.

Anthropologie Treton Carry 11 Trainers £88

I am often envious of my kids velcro trainers – they are so neat and there is no faffing with laces.  (Although silicon laces are a game changer if you are still a lace up kind of person!)

Pink Trainers

Rose Rankin Corney Low Top Velvet Lip £80

Designed by Rose in London and made in Portugal, her sneakers are all lust worthy. These velvet ones are not only gorgeous but an amazing price for a smallish brand that is stocked in Selfridges.

Velvet lips

Saucony Vintage Trainers £75

I hadn’t heard of this brand but when I was doing my research on ASOS, the colours, style and price jumped out of me. Purple is one of the biggest colours this year and this gives a little nod in the right direction.


New Balance Shoes 373 £37

If you want full on purple, my favourite brand (yes I said it – they are, officially my favourite trainer brand) New Balance once again get it right with these purple and white 373 with a slick of turquoise.

Purple New Balance


B4 Ballerinas Leopard Print and Red Trainers £148

These gorgeous trainers that are made and PERSONALISED in Italy are mega. You should also see the raffia yellow ones too.  Not strictly wipe clean as they are made of horse hair – but too good not to include!




ASOS Didi Strap Trainers £22


Air and Grace Copeland Neon Trainers £149

In an ideal world I, these Rainbow Leopard Print in collab with Dress Like a Mum would be top of my list, but they are sold out so these neon colour pop trainers come a very close second. If you want to veer away from pin, they also come in Neon Yellow.


Hush Majestic Star Trainers £179

I won’t ever get move on from stars. Some say they are 2017 – I say they are now a classic.

Silver Star

Boden Hollie Trainers £75

Avoid looking like Mr Tumble’s spotty bag by keeping other colours in your outfit to a minimum. These are original and with a skirt would look ace.

Boden Spots

Veja Neon Magenta Leather Trainers £105

Veja coming up trumps again with glitter blue and pink combination.



Dune Edris White £60

Trying to find turquoise trainers is hard but these appliqué star sneakers from Dune are pretty and feminine and will sate my turquoise love for the moment.

Dune Edris White

Hope this has been helpful and give you a little hope that the end is in sight!

Have a lovely weekend

Lucinda xx