A Versatile Dress To Take You From Now Until Winter

Disclosure. I am not a professional fashion blogger. I am not even a fashion blogger although I do blog about fashion. I do not claim to bring you new trends and show you how to look stylish. But when I get inspiration, I do want to share it which I have done on some fashion posts in the last couple of years.  One style of post I have never done is a spotlight on one particular item. It is usually a few of my favourite items from one brand. However, I feel this dress warrants its own time in the limelight.

It’s been around before and it will continue to crop up in years to come but there is a reason its a staple in most women’s wardrobes (or should be) as it is versatile, classic and flattering.


Wear with flip flops or canvas pumps for a casual daytime look and then whack on some wedge heels and statement jewellery for the evening.


Thick black nylons, chunky boots and a biker jacket…  (oooh gets me quite excited!)

So I have gone advanced party and bought the Marks and Spencer Denim Long Sleeve Shirt Dress for £39. It isn’t one of their cheapest pieces but I know with that reasonable price tag it will be good fabric and last the distance.

Here is what it looks like on the model…

and here is what it looks like on little old me (obv not that little and not THAT old)


If you look closely enough, I am actually wearing skinny jeans with it. Only because i was cold, Im not a double denim fan! (Although I think it works quite well..) The length works for bare legs whilst still being able to bend over and also leather leggings if you pulled the dress up over the belt a little bit (or wore it open like a coat – now that’s a thought)



This might sound quite specific, but quite annoying when you were a shirt (dress) and opening the second button makes you look like a stripper. Not here. It is sexy and decent.



I don’t know why, but they work and make you feel quite pert!



It falls at the smallest size of your was it which is always a good thing. Nuff said.


So, are you keen or will you pass? If you are the former – go ahead and buy it here… Let me know!