TLM Monthly Edit : January 2016

It’s ‘admin January!’ If you have ticked off your thank you letters, sorted out the school uniform, booked in your clubs etc, hopefully you will have cleared some head space and you can now embark on the next level of your (never ending?) to do list. Here are a few products and services that are new or that I have come across recently, that should add a bit of value to your life.

Time Tokens LAUNCH OFFER £10.95

Mum of 2 Amanda Bucknall has launched an ingenious NEW way for children to limit and manage their own screen-time – reducing battles and making a happier home life.  You choose how much time they are allowed each week and give them the tokens accordingly for them to use as when they please. When the tokens run out, there is no more screen time so it enables them to pace themselves through out the week. My son loves it and is eager to be given his tokens at the beginning of the week.

Time Tokens is packaged in a fun orange wallet with 7 hours of Time Tokens vouchers, a Golden Ticket, orange timer with clip and magnet, a parent-child Promise Contract, simple short instructions and lots of fun and inspiration from a gang of friends called The Frazzles.



Reading Revival Toolkit 2

A toolkit of carefully crafted cards, books and stickers packaged in a bright plastic carry case that they say can achieve in 6 weeks what it can take a school 18 months to do – whether the child is gifted or has severe learning difficulties. Toolkit 1 is for a child with no reading ability at all and they’ll finish the toolkit with a reading age of around 7. Toolkit 2 continues the process and the child will reach full fluency with a reading age of around 11 – the ability they normally reach when leaving primary school. Click here for more information.

Pack Shot 2 cropped

The Parent Practice ’30 Days To learn’ Cards

As a fan of The Parent Practice I was excited to use this new parenting aid.  Each day you review just one card which covers a single skill or strategy with all the key points captured.  This is a brilliant and simple way for you to get into really positive habits so you can be the best parents you can be for your family.  Pre Order ‘Real Parenting, Real Kids’It provides practical real-life strategies for bringing out the best in your children and creating harmony at home, using tried and tested techniques based on the experiences of real families.

30 days to learn

Knock Knock Honest Acronyms Sticky Notes £8.95

Saw these at a friends house last week.  WTF is actually ‘What’s This For?’ and BTW, ‘Beginning To Worry’. Move over Post It, there is a new player in town.


Buggy Pit Stop

Need a mechanic for your buggy or expecting and need a wizard to convert it to a double buggy. Buggy Pit Stop can do everything.


Clym Draws – Live Event Animation

This guy is incredible. He creates live portraits and reportage in his signature ink-based style.