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Move To Surrey with Property Potential

'So, is it time to 'move out?' Go to the sprawling countryside. Somewhere bigger? We will have to compromise somewhere. Large property, smaller garden. No, massive garden and smaller house? Hmmm. Not sure. Perhaps in a country village, perhaps on the outskirts of…

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Harriet Rowlands : Family Home Property Finder

If this gorgeous spike in temperature is making you feel a bit restless in your current home and you're thinking you might need a bit more space or even want to up sticks to the countryside - todays post is for you! …


Moving House With Penn Holmes London

The three most stressful things in life are death, divorce and moving house. The latter is the only thing we actually choose - so why is it always so difficult. If a house sale or move is on your radar at the moment and…


London Property Management

One look at Amelia’s smart and concise website, A & L Property Solutions, would entice any homeowner who has a property that needs to be let or managed, to enlist her to do it for them. Her website is an extension of her professionalism…


Life After London: The Mass Exodus 

So many friends in the last month have declared they are moving to the country. It feels like a tidal wave must be approaching and I haven’t been sent the memo. Most popular choice is Hampshire that seems to be country enough whilst still…