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Kids on Holiday

Holiday Style : Let’s Kit The Boys Out

Thank goodness the selection of boys clothes in the shops has grown over the last few years. It used to be pretty basic but now if you know where to look the boys can give the girls a run for their money in the…


Interview with Pepa & Co : Spanish Children’s Clothes

Whenever I ask a mother what their child is wearing, more often than not, it is from Spain. Spanish clothes are becoming more and more popular in the UK as some people veer towards a more traditional way of dressing their sprogs. …


A Hip Kid: Glass Accessories

After producing a crunched and leaking Evian bottle at an after school picnic yesterday, I realised that this means of water consumption for the next 5 warm (!) months was not going to suffice. What to do?ย  I think I have a chic and…


What I Wish I Had Known Before Babies

Don't we all wish we had the beauty of hindsight especially when it comes to our children and how to bring them up. Here is my list of 'What I wish my mother had told me about...babies'…

I bet you would love a girl?

How To Respond To Gender Presumptions

'I bet you would really love a girl' was the most common response when I told people we were having a 3rd baby after 2 boys. It was usually people, acquaintances or people who hadn't received the memo on what not to say to…