Three Items That Will Smarten You Up

One of my preferred past times is checking out the ‘New In’ sections of websites. It is that feeling of finding out something first. Before the masses. If you haven’t tried it before, I highly recommend it. (Said only slightly tongue in cheek…)  In this case, the masses will find out, so I wanted to share it with you whilst they are still trawling though the sale rails. Let’s skip that topic (for now) and check out three items Marks and Spencer have pulled out the bag in their ‘New In’ section that will smarten you up in January.

Oh and did I mention. They have every size. AT THE MOMENT.

Raspberry Open Front Coat £49.50

The price. Low. The cut. thumbs up. Good length. But AWESOME colour. Even if this colour doesn’t scientifically suit you (I studied colour analysis and it really is scientific – one day I will get around to sharing it or even better doing it again!)it is so pretty and feminine and DIFFERENT.

Rasberry Coat

Cotton Rich A Line Skirt With Belt £45

Even looking at the skirt makes me feel slim. I love the wide built-in belt. The colour is also versatile.  Heels, boots or even trainers (if you are cool enough to pull THAT look off)

Wool Skirt


Wool Blend Single Breasted Blazer £99

I am actually going to make sure I buy this before I publish this post as it would be just my luck that it sells out as quickly as I think it will. I have been looking for a blazer to ‘smarten me up’ (as the artful dodger would say) and I think this is it. Nipped in waist. Slight exaggerated shoulders (although 2018 his set to be a mass return to shoulder pads and massive puff sleeves so maybe its a bit subtle!)

wool blend

Gems aren’t they.

I am so over my pjs, frizzy hair, eating chocolate for breakfast. Yes it was nice. It was fun. But I can’t wait to get my nails done and pull onside new threads. And this blazer it will be!