‘School Run’ Boots

Some people notice eyes. Some people look at hair. I like to think I look for a vibe but in reality, when I meet someone for the first time my eye is drawn towards their feet. When I see a ‘school run mum’ teetering in high heels, firstly I look with admiration as I would look like a cross dresser most of the time if I wore such sky scrapers and then I wonder why would she do that to herself if she is turning straight back home to clean up breakfast. So, boots.

In recent years, I like to think I have found a happy medium between stylish (as stylish as high heels) and practical (as trainers).  Here is a collection of the latest boots on the high street that you will be able to chase a scooter with and still rock a good look…

Apisi Suede Beige Boots £125 Hudson Boots

They are meant to look like they have been used. Saves scuffing them along the skirting boards when you get home before their first outing!


Suede Block Heel Ankle Boots £44 Marks and Spencer

A friend at Diddi Dance was wearing a navy blue pair last week and they looked really good.  Here is similar.


Black Suede Tassle Flat Knee High Boots £120 Aldo

Not for taking the dog for a walk after you drop the kiddies but they will take you stylishly into a cafe without any tottering.


Nellie Pull On Waterproof Boot £130 Timberland

I’m into my 3rd year with these Nellie’s. I bought them in brown and black and they are still going strong!



Easter Buckle Knee Boot £80 Office

Pretty standard but at the same time a classic.  Only wear with very very tight jeans or you may look like Puss In Boots.


Grey Bermondsey Suede Ankle Boot £75 Atterley

They speak for themselves. Love!



Toggi Calgary Boots £79.99 Charles Direct

These are my new winter purchase and are slightly more acceptable than welly boots in London on a rainy day!


Ash Joulouse Woodwash Boots £155 Ash

Love the block heel, the colour, the style…