Relaxed Glamour

How often are you just nipping to the pub and you have a dress dilemma. If you were going to a party, ball or theatre you would have thought about it, but pub/relaxed night out with friends – oh no  – you have loads of tops choose from so you don’t have to give a second thought. (that was sarcastic). So relaxed glamour…

Whereas teenagers abide by ‘don’t flash legs and chest at the same time’, we have moved on to follow a more sober rule of ‘don’t wear tight top and bottom.’  Tight top/joggers, loose kaftan/bare legs, slouchy cashmere jumper/leather leggings, vest/harem trousers and so on – you get it?

When I received an email from a couple of lovely ladies asking for some tips on what to wear on a night out – I proverbially jumped at the chance to put my thoughts on paper as I have spent a lot of time deliberating about it.

I hate to look too done. Naturally being a trainers girl, anything frilly, pointy or shiny makes men skin curl – although I am learning that 1 of these at a time can really work.

So let’s break them down and look at some ‘relaxed glamour looks’.



Love this with blue jeans. Tuck it in  (aways on a slant for the most flattering shape) and this will give me a more pulled together look.  To avoid looking too school run add red lipstick…

Satin Flute Sleeve £35 

Unbutton and pull up the sleeves so you aren’t too buttoned up. The satin gives this an evening look without trying too hard.


Skinny Leg Jeans £29.50 

Great jeans. Allows you to drink wine. And some more.



Leather Lace Up Trainers £49.50 

I just wrote this post to find an excuse to put these in – aren’t they amazing!


Stila Best Stay Put Lipstick £16 

All that action, you need a stay put lippy.




Black T Shirt £6

Stock pile. A staple.


Pleated Skirt £35 

Initially I went meh, but actually you should try it. Wear with flat boots and a little jacket and it looks great.  It might look yellow in this picture but it is gold in real life 🙂


Leather Block Heel Biker Boot £75 

Practical and I like the suede / leather mix.




Yes, you too can look like Olivia Palermo.

Grey Cashmere Jumper £75 

Swap the black polo for a grey sweater and snuggle up by that fire!



Faux Fur Gilet £59 

Useful item.


Leather Leggings £129 

If you have tried and succeeded with faux, it’s time to make the grown up step and invest in real ones. I am still on step 1… I haven’t gone past my faux leather maternity leggings but I am working on it. #quietwordtomyself



This takes going on the school run in your work out gear to a whole new level. But it works. It’s cool.And who doesn’t love a tapered leg with stilettos – that’s got to be sexy!


Stripe V neck Fluted T £29.50 

This HAS to be fitted. You can’t do floaty top with joggers – you will look like a sack of potatoes. If you aren’t confident enough to carry off a bit of colour, go for a white v neck tee. FRESH!


Tapered Jersey Joggers £19.50 

I LOVE THESE. Love jersey, love joggers, love tapered ankle, love black. That’s 4 in 1!


Stiletto Fold Over Ankle Boot £45

I am definitely buying these. I can’t walk in stilettos but with the extra support of these, I reckon I could nail those cobbled streets at 2am (who am I kidding!)


Anyway, the best nights always seem to be the ones where you have just gone for one and you are prob in your tracks with baby sick on your shoulder. If you have had had time to plan which seems de rigour with children, I hope this has helped!

And if all else fails, this bag has ‘relaxed glamour’ all over it.


Huge love y’all and please pop in and see me in Putney at St Mary’s Church on Friday 29th – doing a fair there! xx