Dresses for the School Run to Sports Day

Every year, you need two new dresses.  First new dress is when the nights get darker and the invitations for the silly season clog up your letterbox (the clogging never actually happens to me – I actually think it’s a myth).

Then a summer dress. When the first sign of the sun makes you think of all those events you have on the horizon (again, said tongue in cheek).

The occasion where you have to look smarter than normal but not super smart like you do for a wedding.

Like What? 

Thinking Sports Day (not if you are intending to don your spikes and take the mums race seriously though), The Races, a Summer party or a glamorous girly lunch.

I’m also not thinking budget. Nor designer – that in-between price range that often gets overlooked.

Max Mara Assymetic Shirt Dress £300

Look at the belt on this gorgeous dress. It makes a pretty dress an absolute winner in the style stakes.

Max Mara

Biba Pom Pom Detail Maxi Dress £90

Also comes in black. Isn’t it fab – looks much more than the £90 price tag.


All Saints Adara Dress £148

Look better on than this product image – trust me. With some killer wedges and bling jewellery this is gorgeous. Just don’t have ketchup with your hotdog!

All Saints

People Tree Short Sleeve Frill Dress £99

Sleeves! The wide sleeves are not only pretty they would make your bingo wings looks smaller. Now that’s a win!

Free People


Free People Ivory Maxi Dress £168

I wish I could pull off the ethereal floaty innocent look but I can’t. If you can – this dress is for you.

Free People

Label Lab Eyelet Broderie Dress £60

Don’t consign black to the Autumn and Winter. If it suits your colouring it is a winner in the summer – ensure that it is black cotton and not synthetic – imagine those sweat patches as you get to the finishing line…

Label Lab

Marella Nessos Tile Print Maxi Shirt Dress £300

Slightly higher end (always the way when a dress is well made and has interesting detail) but worth every penny. Dress t down with flats or up with heels.

Marella Dress



Free People Plunge Neck Striped Midi Shirt Dress £90

I love the neckline of this dress and if you have warm skin, this would look incredible.

Plunge shirt dress

Great Plains Betsy Broidery Midi Dress £85

I have a penchant for white dresses (such a shame as I really can’t keep them white for longer than it takes me to get in the car) and this one is very elegant.

Great Plains

What do you normally wear to Sports Day? Last year I ditched the dress as I actually waed to be part of the a Space Hopper relay (yes, really) but our new school is apparently a proper race so stilettos hear I come!

Lots of love
Lucinda xx

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