An Alpine Adventure

Gone are the days of frumpy salopette’s and monstrous snow boots the size of your leg (that you had to wear on the plane as not enough space in the luggage – thanks folks!) Now there is choice, choice, choice everywhere from the supermarket to the high end department stores.  Personally if I am only alpine 1 week a year, I can’t justify ‘designer’ (not that I ever really do) but on the other hand I don’t want the seams to split when I am half way down the piste…

Good old Marks and Spencer have just brought out a ski range and it is really good! I am buying now before it sells out when the snow hits…

Leather Side Zip Snow Ankle Boots £65 

I have only even seen this type of style sold for £400 plus so I am getting in there – quickly. Just not showing any of my family as they really won’t get it.


Round Neck Jumper £27.50 

Bargain price and gorgeous colour – this won’t just be seen on the slopes.


Colour Block Funnel Neck Jumper £27 

Wow, this roll neck is nostalgic. I am sure my father used to wear one like this – which must mean it is back in fashion!


Aha, look what I found – partially covered but you get the look that is inspiring me. Check out the goggles!!


Ponte Skinny Leg Trousers £25 

Ok, not strictly waterproof but they are the look I am going for and if you are a ninja and don’t fall over (!) you can risk it!  These are for apres ski with the boots above!


Apres Ski T Shirt £12.50 

M and S are rolling out fantastic price points – this T Shirt included.


Colour Block Jacket £59 

If you need a break from red, this vintage inspired jacket is pretty cool – as long as you are looking properly chic (red lips, polarised sunnies, fur head band) so it avoids the 80’s kid ski look (as above!)


Metallic Padded Jacket £65 

If you aren’t sure you can pull off the vintage look, this metallic Stormwear jacket will add the necessary bling to your look. Just go easy on the accessories – this jacket does enough!


Quite fun with a bit of winter white?


What’s your ski look? We are going for the first time this year in March and I am already thinking about it, so this will be the first post of many as I look together the kids kitted out (and the husband updated too).

Let me know if you have any recommendations! As long as it isn’t an orange all in one…