School Run Style : 9 Pairs of Boots

On Saturday night, I threw on my blue jeans as I was wearing a cream top and wanted to go for the pale vibe. Then when I went to choose my footwear, I became unstuck!  I have a great selection of trainers and pairs of black boots but when it comes to paler shoes or boots to go with blue or pale jeans, I am at a loss! Woe is me I hear you say. Yes perspective…  But anyway,  I am on the hunt for some boots that will see me through the day to the evening!

Here is my shortlist..

When I first caught sight of the Chloe buckle boots, I recoiled in horror. To me they looked slightly strange, even ugly.

Chloe Suzanna £850 



However, as a lot of things (like Uggs!) they have grown on me. Whilst the original Chloe’s are well out of my budget, there are now lots of similar styles around. I have my eyes on these from Tophsop.

Montana Ankle Boots £55

Montana Ankle Boots

I love the red too not sure how much use I would get out of them!  Can’t get sidetracked from my ‘pale’ mission…

Montana red

Office also do them at £85. Check out the blush pink ones!


I also love the Isabel Marant Dicker Ankle Boots £315 


However the Isabel ones are ALSO out of my budget so Hush Thornton Ankle Boots £150  are a great alternative.

Hush Thornton

If you are more a grey kinda girl- these boots from Seven Boot Lane – Grey Suede Ankle Boots £155 will see you from the school run to the evening easily.


Seven boot lane

If you are looking for something slightly more glamorous one these from Ted Baker Lorca Ankle Boots in Mink £160  are gorgeous. Anything with Mink in the title has to be pretty!

LorcaOk I am not sure if I actually would, but on my cyber travelsI found these  Penelope Chilvers Safari Patchwork Boot £229 and thought they have to be given some air time!

Penelope Chilvers


What are your favourites?  Hope this has been helpful. Let me know what you are looking for and I am happy to help you.

Have a lovely day! xx