7 Ways To Achieve Meghan’s Look

After the huge excitement of Meghan’s foray into the British establishment – Marks and Spencer’s that is, not Royal Family – when she wore THAT jumper, I thought I would write a post on what else Meghan would, could and should buy from Marks and Spencer’s current range.

Meghan Bell Sleeve Jumper

For those you who thought they had missed out on the black bell sleeve jumper – it is still in stock however only in size 16’s. If that’s your size, buy a piece of history before it sells out!


Bell sleeve


Ms Markle pretty much sticks to a simple colour palette of black, white, beige (camel, winter white you het the picture) and reds and burgundy’s.

She cleverly reflects her own colouring in her clothes choices and favours dark, bright and tonal clothing.

She likes to accentuate her waist and upsize one accessory per outfit whether handbag, glasses or scarf.

One thing she always wears in front of the camera is a dazzling smile!


Since the engagement, it is evident that she loves a smart coat, nipped in at the waist and big lapels.


This Wool Rich Single Breasted Coat is only £79 and comes in dark green, burgundy and navy.  I wonder if the resemblance of the model to MM is a coincidence or cleverly thought through?





Meghan looks fabulous in a classic white shirt. Well doesn’t everyone. If you wash it separately, you will get more than one wear out of it, as long as you avoid kids tea time.

MM White Shirt

The Pure Cotton Long Sleeve White Cotton Shirt from M and S is a classic shirt with no embroidery or exaggerated detail. At £35 a pop you could stock up.

White shirt

Whilst we are on the white shirt, blue jeans look – I can see Meghan in these Sculpt and Lift (not that she needs it!) Roma Rise Skinny Leg Jeans!  The cropped tight leg is a classic that will never go out of fashion.

Roma Rise


Meghan loves a chunky scarf and she usually keeps it the same colour as her coat. This is a great tactic for giving the illusion of length as the eye is drawn up and down and never horizontally by a change in colour.


This brushed scarf is two tone is similar to the one Meghan wore in Wales and would go with both light and dark coats.



Like the Queen, Meghan is a Tote girl through and through.  She isn’t scared of a bit of colour either.


I can see being drawn to this Green Faux Leather Tote Bag with Removable Clutch in the Spring, can’t you?

Green Tote


Meghan loves an understated tonal heel with a few subtle details like these ones she wore for official engagement photos.

Engagement shoes

I think she would LOVE these Ginger Slingbacks (appropriately named) from Marks and Spencer new season. The bow is super cute and girly and the colour will suit her no doubt tanned legs when it gets warmer.

Ginger slingbacks

She also clearly likes the colour as per this cute hat she wore to church on Christmas day!

Ginger hat

Whilst we are onto hats, as she will be having to wear quite a few here on in, this hat below would be a versatile addition to her Royal wardrobe.

Dress up, dress down and even pull forward if you want to be a bit anonymous.

Winter hat

I love seeing Meghan mix Hollywood glamour with more regal traditional attire. One thing is for sure, she will always keep us guessing.

Next up will be THE DRESS. Who will design it, what style and shape, colours, flowers, bridesmaids oh I could on – and will in my next Meghan post!!

Have a happy Monday xx