New Brand Spotlight : 6 Womenswear Brands I am Loving At Present

There are a few womenswear brands that I have come across recently and I wanted to share them with you.  Usually there are only one or two items I add to cart when I am surfing a website, but on the following sites, there are quite a few pieces that I could add to cart and CHECKOUT!

Paddo To Palmy 

They are an Australian brand but shop worldwide (and they are using one of the first Hush models in their new campaign in case you recognise her but can’t place her!)

La Villette Dress is so pretty and feminine, I am keep on revisiting wondering if pale pink really looks that bad on me.

La Villette

Continuing on the pale pink theme, I love this off the shoulder dress.


PK Berry 

If you aren’t familiar with PK Berry, let me introduce you.  If you want the perfect folk top, you will find it on PK Berry. Each item is intricately embroidered with interesting detail but not too over the top. Despite being flouncy they are brilliantly flattering.

I have acquired a Martha White recently and am planning it’s first outing…


I also like the look of this Chloe – I love the slightly oriental collar.



Pink City Prints

Pink City Prints are also one to watch, especially as the summer looms. I love the Nomad Prairie Long. 

Nomad Praire

These Palm Tree PJ’s are also on my wish list. Aren’t they awesome?

Palm Tree Prints

Keith Scarrott 

His shoes are ruddy cool. Check out these fuchsia espadrilles – slightly wedged too so will make your legs look slimmer!

Fuchsia Espadrilles

I know it isn’t trainer buying season, but if your thing, like me, are trainers – it would do no harm buying these beauties now!

Blue Star

The Alex Edit 

Started by one half the stylish Wear & Where girls, Alex is a curation of her favourite clothes and accessories that she has seen on her proverbial travels.

Loving her selection of Tee’s, especially this Sunset & Palm Tree pinky.

Sunsets & Palm Trees

Who says glitter is for Christmas? No way! This sequin pouch would look fab on your summer holiday!

Champagne Darling


If you have a wedding coming up (might be a little too late to get yourself kitted out for M and H’s wedding but sure you can pull something from the back of your wardrobe 😉 you need to buy one of these dresses from Libelula. Well cut and great prints.

You couldn’t fault to be asked to dance by the father of the bride in this Jessie dress

Jessie Dress

This silk velvet Treakle top would work over a waisted dress or a high-rise skirt or trousers. So glamorous. I want to get dressed up for a wedding!! (We are passed that stage and now it’s fancy dress for milestone birthdays!)

Treakle Top

I love discovering new brands!

There are so many wonderful small businesses out there. I know it is hard to remember them, but stay tuned as I am going to delve into many more over the next couple of months as pop up season is upon us!

I will also be including some menswear – we can’t leave them to their own devices too much this summer!!

If you want some more inspiration for the summer, have a read of recent fashion posts.

Have a lovely day

Love, Lucinda xx