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31 Gift Ideas for Boys

This Gift Guide was started back in October and every week I have been adding to it. I hope you will find it really useful as it is good mix between indoor and outdoor toys, lots to suit younger and older boys and loads of new brands!

The London Mummy-6

Fright Factory £14.99

If Halloween was a success in your house the year, continue the theme with this Fright Factory!


Insect Apron – Cotton & Pink £12.95

This is a lovely apron for any budding chef.



No Stress Chess – Winning Moves £35.99

If anything will take the stress away from Chess (and teach me the basics as I don’t really have a clue) this looks like it.



Snoopy & Charlie Brown – The Peanuts Movie £5.99

Most modern kids films make my toes curl. Too bright & noisy. This was one film however that had such a lovely message, I really enjoyed it!  It’s the only dvd they are getting this Christmas – with a hope that the characterful storyline and meaning will sink in!!



Star Wars Silicon Watch – Nixon £97.50

At this price this watch would last beyond NYE as the quality matches the price. High…



Code Master Programming Logic Game – Think Masters £15.99

This is a great board game to introduce the boy you are buying for into coding and the whole cyber world subsequently involved.



The Pirate Reward Box With  £35

Most boys thrive with a reward system and this hand painted box will give them the incentive to get as many stars as possible.



Superhero Pj’s – Marc Jacobs £42.12

Not sure which superhero is, but much better than bright superhero pjs in most of the shops.



Radio Controlled Inflatable Darth Vader – Bladez Toyz £39.99

We have this for our oldest and Olaf for our youngest son. We trailed them at Kidtropolis and just loved them!




Here is a little video of taking R2D2 for a ride!



Creativity By Post – Trunkaroo Subscription Box from £19.99

Trunkaroo is a monthly subscription service for kids. With a strong focus on making STEAM (Science, Technology Engineering, Art and Maths) interesting and magical, our trunks include everything you need for hours of hassle-free fun and learning.



Daddy & Me Print- Anne-Marie Rickus Art £30

Love this print.



First News £5 for 1 month (4 Issues)

Weekly Newspaper for 7-14 year olds. It is brilliant and if you don’t have time for a daily newspaper you can get you news fix each week with this too.

christmas pac shot 2


TP Toys – 8ft Trampoline £149

One of the best cost per use items we own is our trampoline. We have an 8ft at the end of our garden and it gets used far more than anything else. Great for boisterous boys (and can double as a playpen!)

670x670.crop.TP540 8ft Challenger WH BK WEB_


Magformers Prices start at £19.99

This was another gem we came upon at Kidtropolis.


Take a peak at the demo.



Super 11 – Football Strategy Board Game £25.99

It’s not often the boys find a game they both like for a significant amount of time, but this is one of them. I have bought it my husband as didn’t know which son to give it too and I have no doubt he will love it too!


Blades Mycropodz RC Nano Quadcopter – £29.99

This is much fun but watch the open display cabinets for those just learning to use a remote control!


Time Tokens £14.95

These are such a great idea for curbing screen time. Every week you issue your child with an amount of time they are allowed to use the computer/tablet and it is up to them to whether they use it all at once or spread it out over the week. Once the time tokens have finished for that week – no more screen time!




Five Boys Clothing – Interactive Glow T Shirts £15

Now the nights have closed in, these T shirts will offer hours of amusement. Mine wear them over their super if you think the short sleeves might be a bit nippy!



Vintage Toy Art 

For an original and generous present that will last a lifetime, these 3d box framed art works are lovely.



Nerf N Strike Was £89 now £67

If these are not the Christmas list, this a good deal.



Joker Soaker Game £20

Also known as wet head. Fill with water, put it on your head and pull out a stick. A game of Russian Roulette and great in the summer but also fun for bath time.




In The Picture Artwork £48

These are now framed and in the kitchen as I think it would be sacrilegious to confine them to the upstairs for no one to see. Send your colour scheme, theme and a couple of head shot and hey presto!



Frustration £8

I am so surprised this game is only £8. It is fun and amuses them for hours.


Doh Nutters- John Adams £12

Have you seen the slightly cringe advert for this toy? Well, trust me it is – but the kids seems to like the look of it!



Flyte – Mini Case Scooter £64.99

This is a fab idea. They can whip round the park/airport and they are actually carrying their own bag inadvertently.



Field Candy – Teepee Play Tent £119

Loads of different styles but I actually thought this style would match our kitchen!!



Heels Thunder Skate Shoes £59

A good introduction to roller skating and they don’t look too bad either.


Tyre Twister – Little Tikes £31.99

Ok, this post is quite remote control heavy but it is because they are popular. This would suit a younger boy who was into cars and was ready for the controls.


Total Action Football – John Adams £24.99

If you can’t get outside to play football in January this might keep them entertained round the kitchen table.



Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar £25

What can I say… not necessary but if they have been good – a pretty cool advent calendar!


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