17 Pairs of Trainers No One Else Will Have

Quite a punchy call, but I have delved very deep into finding trainers that aren’t on the foot of every fifth mum at the school gate (including myself) and when it isn’t it a good time for a trainer post? I think they should be done every month! Here we go…

Veja – Holiday Blend Black & White 109 Euros 

Not sure where the black and white comes from but hey, they are italian and who am I to argue.  Love the shock of pink and the general beige colour. Nothing dull about these trainers.


Mango – Contrast Applique Sneakers £35.99 

A copy of the Celine ones at a fraction of the price. Nice one Team Mango.


Crime London Sneakers 149 Euros 

No name, just a number – that’s just how cool this brand are 😉


Hogan – Micro Sequin Grainy & Leather Effect £278

If your name begins with H it would be rude not to buy these! Especially if you red hair…  Striking!


Converse All Star – Limited Edition Neon Yellow £100 

Ok, perhaps these are verging on clown shoes and / or I should have posted about these lush high-tops BEFORE Autumn hit, but they are limited edition and surely a good investment for Spring feet?


Marc Jacobs – Lightning Bolt Jogger £265

Move over flamingos, it’s all about lightning bolts and MJ is executing this trend superbly. Perhaps not the price though.. jc430317-015-1x-t



Isabel Marant Concealed Wedge Trainer £440 


Boohoo – Phoebe Back Tab Trainer £12 

Ok, slightly disorienting price jump but hey, I’m not known for true consistency or order! There are lots of ‘one tab’ colours around but you can feel exceptionally smug knowing that yours were only £12!!! ha


Misguided – White Be a Embroidered Trainers £25 

Embracing metallic and embroidered these sneakers tick all the AW17 boxes without a hefty price tag.  NB. Misguided is really good for embroidered sneakers – flames, leaves – you name it they have embroidered it! And, can I add that not many 30 plus woman know or shop at Misguided so you really be in the minority (unless they read this!)


Misguided – Fuchsia Studded Toe Cap Trainers £30 

Sorry, I just couldn’t resist this colour!!!


Sophia Webster – Bini Low Tops £260 

This butterfly wing is the SW ‘thing’ in the same way that Christian Louboutin shoes have the red sole… So if you want to make a status symbol showing your wallet and your on the money style – these are worth saving for – and who doesn’t like a pale pink butterfly wing!


Rose Rankin – Velvet Colt Runner £178 

I have loved watching Rose Rankin rise up the ranks to become one the most prestigious and cool sneaker brands in the UK. Quality is her middle name so if you want different, excellent quality at a good price, RR is your gal.


Anya Hindmarch – Fury Trim trainers £450 

Again, quite steep but very fun!


Philippe Model – Lace Up Camp Trainers – £409 

A big fan of camo and coupled with a hummingbird to soften them a bit, they are a winning combination.


New Balance for J Crew – Limited Edition £80 

I LOVE New Balance trainers and if they are doing a collab with anyone I will always come along for a potential ride.  They also come in plain colours too.


Puma – Basket Classic Trainers £69.99

I like these too. alot. I haven’t seen this frill much and I have a feeling a few will copy so get in their first.


Dune – Heart Lace Ups £80 

Can you imagine being given these by your loved one? If any guys are reading, buy these as a just because present and just a card will be fine on Valentine’s Day!



So, which ones do you like? If you like all (or some) of these trainers, I am sure you will like my shop www.tlmedit.com as it is packed with fun, original and colourful clothes, shoes, accessories and gifts! Would love you to take a look…. xx